Sunday, 15 November 2009

Snuggles on Sunday

Yuu-Chan: Hi everyone, it's Yuu'r Love Bug here! I would like to kick off today's snuggles with a great pic of me snuggling with #1:

My big sister Tama-Chan will hopefully soon be doing a lot of cuddling with kittens but, in the meantime, she remains faithful to her Tommy

As you know, there is always a bit of a queue for cuddles with Tommy, and Sei-Chan makes sure she gets her turn (again and again and again...)

I still don't do any cuddling with Tommy although he frequently gives me vigorous cat washes with his tongue!

By the way, #1 said to tell you that she is peeved because her "new" digital camera (bought last Christmas) broke down and when she sent it back to Sony for repairs, they tried to wriggle out of repairing it for free, claiming the guarantee had expired, and wanting to charge her more than she paid for the camera to repair it! She is arguing with them over it since, in her book, November minus December makes 11 months which is generally considered to be less than a year...


  1. Sounds like Sony is being very tricky! We hope they decide to do the right thing.

    How long does Tama-Chan have to go? She is looking so good!:)

  2. The Sony people do not seem to know how to count!

    I can see that snuggles with Tommy are the best. He is so soft.

    Your friend,

  3. Sheesh! If they wait long enough it WILL be more than a year. Grrrrr....

    I can imagine there is a snuggle line for Tommy. He looks like a real professional.


  4. Great snuggling at your place. Tommy, we hope the cue to snuggle with you doesn't get too long!
    Pfui, Sony should be ashamed. We're sure they'll finally get the maths and repair the camera for free. If it's not back before Tama-Chan's kitten arrive we will be personally putting the bitey on them! We have to count how many of the 60something days are over already. Excitement is building up!

  5. Oh Tommy!

    Khaught again!

    Sony must be using some of that new NEW math!


  6. Sorry Sony are giving you a problem.

    Those look like some Super Snuggles. I can't quite imagine snuggling with a doggie, but my Mom thinks if she got me a dog, we would end up snuggling together - especially if it is a lovable type like Tommy.

  7. Ooh, ask #1 if she paid for the camera with an American Express card. They are very good about dealing with merchants and their Purchase Protection plan pays for repairs or replacements, up to $1000. Even if she used another card, they may have a similar policy.

    Then she can get back to recording every cuddle!

    Your pals,

    Mica and Petey

    P.S. Can you tell that Amex used to be Mom's client?

  8. Tommy is such a good dog! Our shepherd worries about her kitties, but other than a lick or two, not much snuggling goes on. Tell your Mommy good luck with Sony and to stick with it!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  9. We love watching Tommy snuggle with all of you!

  10. We agree with #1.

    ~S,S,C & F

    Tommy please tell me how to get my cats to snuggle with me. ~Fenris

  11. Sounds like Sony needs a good paw whapping!

    Grete could take some snuggle lessons from Tommy! We can hardly wait for the kittens to arrive!

  12. Does Sony not realise that the most bootiful kittens on the planet are about to be born?!!

  13. gordy and georgie15 November 2009 at 20:19

    Our person had a similar problem with Samsung. We love snuggles on Sunday and the photos.

  14. Tommy is the best snuggling dog ever!

    Hope you get the camera sorted.

    take care

  15. Who wouldn't want to snuggle with Tommy - such a sweet boy!

    Woos, the OP Pack

  16. Sweet pics and I think it is funny that Tommy gives cat baths! That is an outrage about your camera, but typical.

  17. Ohhh, this is very bad timing... we hope that it gets fixed or there is a backup camera, cause we gonna need to see BABIES!!!

  18. Good luck in your dealings with Sony. Don't back down and they should see the light.


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