Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Wondering Wednesday...

Sei-Chan: Hello everyone! I get to post today! As you know, I have been living with my Mama in #1's reading room for the past five weeks. It's a lovely room with lots to do, but I must say I have been growing very curious about the outside. I spend more and more time looking out of the window:

I sometimes sit with my mummy at the window and she tells me all about the big outside world...

But I am also fascinated by inside explorations! There is a door leading inward from our room and lately, #1 has let me explore a little bit beyond it:

There are all kinds of fascinating things in that little room, but there is also another door, and beyond that door, there are some really interesting noises! I think there are people for me to meet there. I hope they will be my friends, but, just in case, I poofed up my tail at the door so they know I'm a big girl!

Note from #1: Today was supposed to be the big day when Sei-Chan met her siblings but Tama-Chan has some kind of skin irritation and we want to be sure it's non-contagious and preferably gone before they meet. So, Sei-Chan will enjoy her mummy, Viña, for a few days longer.


  1. Sei-Chan, be careful: Silly nicknames come easily at our house and you are "Little red bottlebrush" for today.

    Oh noes, Tama-Chan! I think the Fight Club exhaustion is getting to both of us. I checked today and you are very well deserved leading, but I'm close behind. I guess that's a honourable way to lose.
    Get well asap, sweetest furriend.

  2. Darling girl, you are getting prettier every day! Those eye, wow! As for that tail poof, we have seen a lot of poofy kitten tails, and that is right up there with the best:)

    Tama-Chan, we hope your irritation is all better. What a nuisance!

  3. Little Sei-Chan, it's may be time to visit you?

    ViVi & AB

  4. Congrats on your first post Sei-Chan! Don't worry, you will soon meet those on the other side of the door. Be careful with that tail poof though - you may scare them!!

    Tama-Chan - I hope that your skin irritation goes away quickly!

  5. Maybe The Easter Bunny khan leave woo fur your new brofur and sisfur!

    PeeEssWoo: Little Red Bottlebrush! BOL!

  6. We love your puffed-up tail. Yours is like a pipe-cleaner, like Stygia's! We puff up our tails a lot for fun when we are playing thundering herd of elephants, or we want to attract the other into playing that game.

    Abby & Stygia

  7. Dearest Sei-Chan & Tama- Chan,

    We want to thank you for the furry helpful comment about the new kitty potential. Your advice about the laundry was brilliant!

    Because just adore all of you & appreciate your advice, we want to honor you with The Golden Awardy!!! Please stop by to collect it & use it as you wish.

    All the best with you skin issue & of course, meeting your new friends! ; *

    Many Purrs from all of us,
    The Whippy Curly Tails


  8. Sei-Chan, you have so many fun things to learn and explore!

  9. You are beautiful Sei-Chan. You are right to be very curious about what is on the other side of that door. I am sure that you will enjoy meeting your big brother and sister when the time comes.

    Your friend,

  10. Sei-Chan, you can not even behin to imagine the wonderful things beyond that threshold! Just wait until you meet Tommy and Tama-Chan! Can you say snuggle buddies?

    We hope Tama-Chan's all better soon for the big meeting!

  11. Hello Sei-Chan! Thank you for your first posting. I love your bottlebrush tail! My mom (Marlene) was worried that I didn't have enough fur to poof up, but I showed her the other day!

    Tama-chan, I hope your skin irritation gets better soon!


    p.s. 9 also says 'hi'!

  12. We almost suspect you guys made up the skin irritation to prolong the introduction so all your fans is sitting at the edge of something biting nails. You didn't and we hope you get better.

    Very nice tail job!

  13. Hehehehe. One day when you join the Tail Chaser's Club (if you are a tail chaser that is) I would know how to name your tail.
    P.S.: It's all rain here since yesterday, pft!

  14. Sei-chan, Tallulah's tail looks just like yours when she sees something different-like a pipecleaner! Tama-chan, I hope your skin clears up quickly so your new sisfur can come out to play.

  15. Don't try and grow up too quickly, Sei-Chan. You are so lovely and adorable.

    Your pal,

  16. That is cute when you get a tail like a brush, Sei-Chan. it must be so excited for you. We are sure they will be friendly to you!!!

  17. That's a very impressive tail poof Sei-Chan. I can't wait for you to meet the rest of your family!

  18. Sei, yoo is turnin into a lovely Aby girl! That poof tail says yoo is just scairt a bit of the unknown but dat is okay.

  19. Hi Sei-Chan

    The little man is totally charmed by you and even wants to swap poor old Tinkerbell for a cat like you!! Even though she drives me mad - I'll put up with her for another while but we really enjoy reading about your adventures.

    lots of woofs

  20. That is a very, very impressive tail poof! Tama-Chan, we hope your skin irritation clears up quickly, so you can meet your adorable new sister soon.

  21. Sei-chan, lovely picture of you looking out the window! and what an adorable little bottle-brush tail poof! There is a delightful kitty girl and doggie boy on the other side of that door, eager to be your friend. Tama-Chan, we hope your skin irritation clears up soon, both for your own sake and so you can meet Sei-chan soon.

  22. Keep the cute pictures coming!

  23. It is a big beautiful world out there, Sei-chan and you'll get to find out all about it soon. We can't wait to read about your adventures!

    Charlemagne and Tamar


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