Thursday, 16 April 2009

Tommy's Thankful Thursday

Tom: I have had a lot to be thankful for over the last few days. When our visitors were here over the weekend, I was able to show the two little girls, aged four and six, that woofies are wonderful. In return, their daddy played and played and played with me! Here are some cool photos he took:

They are gone now but, of course, my #1 is playing with me as usual. Yesterday afternoon, we had a great game of Chuck-it in the field and when we got back, she kept looking at me oddly and finally said "Tommy, why do your ears looked like they're velcroed to the top of your head?!" So, she got me to come and sit next to her on the sofa and got out my comb. This is what she extracted over the next 15 minutes:

So, how was I supposed to know that old thistles stick to your ears? I am very grateful to #1 for making my ears all clean and silky again!

In the back room, little Sei-Chan is enjoying her last few days with her Mama:

and Tama-Chan is crossing her paws that her skin treatment works quickly so she is not itchy anymore.

That would make me very thankful indeed!


  1. Sounds like you had a fun time with your guests. Of course you are a model of how a good dog behaves Tommy.

    Good thing that you #1 was able to extract all those thistles. I would hate to see your lovely ears all messed up.

    Your friend,

  2. WOW!

    That was some stash woo had in your ears!

    I'm glad woo did such a grrrreat job with The Khanine Diplomacy thing! I don't have little bipeds around BUT evfurrytime I see some, I make sure to show 'em some Siberian Sweetness!

    Hugz&Khysses To Woo and Your Girrrls,

  3. WOAH! That's quite the collection of thistle! Can I be thankful my fur is too short for thistle to get a good hold? I hope Tama-chan feels better soon. I'm looking forward to hearing about Sei-chan's adventures into the rest of the world!


  4. That's a lot of thistles Tommy! I'm glad that #1 was able to remove them all!

    Little Sei-Chan is growing bigger every day! We can't wait until she gets to meet you and Tama-Chan!

  5. We especially love the picture where it appears you are floating on air, Tom. Maybe you really were, we hear that happens when you're happy sometimes.

    Your tail looks gloriously long, how long is it now?

    It's going to be an exciting weekend for all of you!

    Abby & Stygia

  6. Hi Tommy. You look like such a happy dog, especially in the picture with your tennis ball! It's wonderful that you established such a good rapport with the two little girls. And whew, glad your mom was able to remove all those thistles from your ears. As always, the pictures of Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan are soooo cute...we hope the introduction of Sei-Chan to the rest of the family goes well.

  7. Tom, I love the photo of you standing in front of those pretty yellow flowers. You look quite regal! I'm glad you got to have such a good time with your visitors.

    The little kitty is growing up so fast - it's unbelievable!

  8. Tommy, the photos of your home always make us think that you must live in the most beautiful place in the world! So lovely:)

  9. That is quite an amount of thistles to be aglomerated in your ears, Tommy. Viña de Mar looks very beautiful in the pic and Sei-Chan so frootbatty. All the best for Tama-Chan too, feeling itchy is a stupid thing.

  10. Oh Tom, I can tell by your face that you are having a ball!

  11. We'll be crossing our fingers and paws for Tama-Chan too! Itchy is the worst! Tom, great pictures of joyful playtime. Sorry your ears got so tangled with burrs!

  12. I'm always getting things caught on my ears too! Usually I just get little burs or sticky leaves stuck on me. I always try to pick them out myself and eat them. My mom says I'm weird, because half the time I don't want to eat my food, but I'm always ready to eat whatever plan matter I find stuck on my coat.

    I hope your itchies go away soon, Tama-Chan.

  13. Tommy, you looks so carefree in your pictures. How fun that must have been! Boo on all those thistles.

    Sei-chan, Siena and Chilli are right, you are looking soooo frootbatty! So cute!

    Hope your itchies go away, Tama-chan!

  14. hi Tom, you were having a great time playing chuck-it. those thistles look very bad though. we hate those things.

    we hope that Tama-Chan gets her skin all cleared up soon so that little Sei-Chan can come out and play with you kiddos.


  15. Wow, Tommy! It's a good thing #1 got all those out. That coulda been hurty.

    The kittehs are super cute again today - as usual.

    Hope you guys have a terrific day!

  16. Tama-chan we hope the itch goes away soon. Poor you.

  17. Oh those are NOT fun to get out Tom. The LL once had to take them out of a horse's mane and tail that she was riding. Hope #1's fingers aren't to pricked and we hope Tama Chan stops itching soon! (are they sure it is a skin thing and not perhaps a food allergy?)


  18. I'm thankful that I don't have big ears like Tommy to pick up velcro grasses.

    I am thankful that Sei-Chan is gonna meet you soon.

    I am thankful that Tama-Chan is my girlfriend (I luvs her, rash and all).

  19. Beautiful pics!

    Adele, Vincent & Bella

  20. Tommy, that sure is a lot of stuff that you got in your fur!


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