Thursday, 9 April 2009

Thursday With Tommy

Tom: Two whole days without me! I hope the withdrawal was not too bad, and here I am again, ready to gladden your hearts with my joyful presence!

As you know, ever since I hurt my pawpad, #1 and I have been taking our morning constitutionals around the moat of our local medieval castle. Initially, I just galloped around the path (#1 says it's so much better for her knees that tramping through the fields!), but lately I have been investigating the moat! This particular moat was never actually filled with water, but it is pretty steep and that held me back at first. But I decided to go for it, down....

and up...

and all around...

and then I found a nice stick which kept me otherwise engaged for a while. I wonder if I should consider storming the ramparts next time?

In other news, my friend ViVi came to visit last night and we had a great time! We even got some leftover treats from the pork roast. Yummy!


  1. Yes, great time, I even forgot to escape!

    Try to get some yummy old pork treat for the next visit!

    ViVi & AB

  2. We love seeing you investigate the castle, Tommy! It looks like a lovely spot for a picnic, too! Did you bring your blanket?

  3. What a great place to play! You are a lucky dog Tommy!

  4. That is a great place to run Tom. It looks like you were going really fast! Glad that you and Vivi got to eat some pork roast. Bet it was delicious.

    Your friend,

  5. Yay for Tom Time! Can I go run with you in the moat? Call me if you need help storming the castle, Dad can bring his swords and Mom can bring her bow.

  6. That castle makes a purrfect terrain for morning walkies, we are sure! Mom says she's suddenly very, very hungry.

  7. We live in a very young country, so to read that you get to go for a walk around a Medieval castle sounds amazing! It looks like lots of fun:)

  8. It looks like you had a great time, Tom! I wish I had cool and interesting places near me to explore. Did you get to play fetch and such while you were there?

  9. That moat really does seem steep, but it looks like it's not giving you any trouble! I actually had some pork last night. My humans got a big order from the market and I got to gnaw on some tasty cartilage with a bit of meat. Very satisfying.

  10. We would have SOOOO much fun doing zooooooomies 'round your lokhal khastle!

    I'm glad woo are doing better!


  11. Wow, that looks like a great walking place -- storming the ramparts might be very exciting! I felt quite jealous looking at the photos. Alice absolutely adores roasted pork & fortunately for her we are having that this very evening! She will be ready for her own pork treat!

  12. Hi Tom. It looks like you're having a wonderful time climbing down the moat. Yeah, storming the ramparts sounds like a great idea! How nice that your friend ViVi came to visit and that you had pork roast treats...yummy!

  13. hi Tom, wow, that looks like such a cool castle and moat. we would love to explore it with you. running up and down that moat has to be very good exercise for you.


  14. What a wonderful time! we just love exploring new places like that, and we ESPECIALLY love when there are sticks involved!

    Benson and Gibson

  15. mmm pork roast... yum. You're so lucky, Tom!

    purrs and envy,
    9 and Chani

  16. We don't have any castles in New Zealand, so we're very jealous of yours!

  17. You say "local mid-evil castle" like everybody has one. I certainly don't. It is way cool. And you are like spider dog going up and down that steep hill.



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