Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Tommy and I are feeling a little lonesome today as our new friends left this morning to go on to Paris. They were so nice. I loved hearing the little girls run through the house shouting "Tama-Chaaaaaan! Where are yoooooooouuuuu?"

So now I am back to more regular pursuits, such as looking out of the window:

and also back to healthier eating after over-indulging for a few days:

Plus (whisper...) I overheard #1 saying something about the vet this afternoon. We are going in so the wonderful Dr.C can figure out what is causing my skin problem. With a bit of luck, it will all be sorted out soon, and our little sister Sei-Chan, can come and join us!


  1. It sounds like you had a great visit with your friends. Hope your vet visit goes well.

    Your friend,

  2. Good luck at the vet! You must be very anxious to have Sei-Chan join you!

  3. We hope the Vet does not have to steal your bloods, Tama-Chan. But we do hope Dr. C has it all figured out and fixed all better soon! We know Sei-Chan must be so anxious to meet you and Tommy!

  4. Hi Tama-chan. It must be very quiet there now that the little girls have left. It's nice that you had such a good visit with them. We bet they're going to ask their Mummy if they can have a cat and a dog of their own now! Good luck at that v.e.t....hopefully Dr C will say that it's just a pollen allergy or something non-contagious like that and you'll be able to meet Sei-chan face to face soon.

  5. I didn't know you have a skin problem, I hope it will clear up quickily because I can't wait to see you two girlies playing together!


    P.S. We certainly count you as part of our family! Our back up plan is to live with you when our humans fail us.

  6. I hope it gets sorted out soon -- I know you all want little Sei-Chan you join you! My mom & dad's animals are always worn out for a few days after Baby Bean leaves from a visit...best to take a few naps to wind down and get back to your routine.

  7. We are happy to hear you had fun with your new friends:)
    Tama-Chan, we hope the v-e-t can help you get your skin irritation fixed up very quickly. Are you curious about what is in the back room?

  8. Oh Tama-Chan that is wonderful news the bit about your little sorrel sister joining you soon that is! :) My little girl got her DNA test results back today and Mummy is busy being all happy at people, 'cause they're what she wanted! :)


  9. Beautiful pictures!! Good luck at the V-E-T!

    Theodore and sasha

  10. You look beautiful. Too bad that your friends had to leave. Good luck at the vet. Hope Sei-Chan can join you soon.

  11. All this attention must be something a cat can get used too! We have the opposite effect right now: University has started again and mom is extra busy. We wonder too what is causing your skin irritation, Tama-Chan. Do tell us what the vet said, okay? Oh my, and Sei-Chan is growing like a weed. A very pretty weed that is. Be sure to stop by tomorrow, it's Siena's first birthday! And mom's birthday too!
    Purrs, your feline furriends.

  12. Good lukhk at The V-E-T!

    We want the little khreature from the bakhkroom to be freed!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  13. I'm glad you had a great time visiting with your friends. I'm sure they will come back soon. After all, how could they resist you? ;)

    Good luck with the vet visit!


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