Sunday, 12 April 2009

Snuggles on Sunday

Tom: We wish our friends who celebrate it a Very Happy Easter, and  bountiful visits from the Easter Bunny. We did not see the Bunny on our walk this morning, just a couple of snails who were out on their morning constitutional.

Our visitors have arrived and the little girls were a little scared of me at first. #1 tells me I am too boisterous (would that be "Boy-sterous?") and they are not used to woofies. But I am winning them over fast. They just adore Tama-Chan and have been playing with her a lot.

This being Sunday, we have a snuggle photo for you, of course:

Apparently, Sei-Chan wants to post too, so here she is...

Sei-Chan: My mummy was supposed to leave last week but she is staying a little longer and I am making the very best of snuggling with her:

Of course, it's a little less fun when she decides that I haven't washed properly...

Purrs Everybody!


  1. Happy Easter to you all! Tommy, we'll let you in on a secret. Our mum didn't have kitties growing up, and when she first lived in a house with a kitten, she was scared of him. She says she was scared she would hurt him because he was so small, but still... mum was scared of a kitten! Hahaha!

    Little Sei-Chan, you are growing so beautifully. Aren't your furs shiny!:)

  2. Happy Easter!
    Happy snuggling!

    ViVi & AB

  3. I can tell how much Sei-Chan is growing by how little room there is left in the bed!

  4. Snails? Kids? Mom still there? Sounds like a fun Sunday! And yes, wow, your furs are the shiniest, Sei-Chan! Like you used Brilliantine to make you shine!

  5. We can not imagine anybuddy being frightened of you, Tommy!

    We wish you all a purrfectly lovely Easter!

  6. Hi Tom kun, Tama chan and Sei chan!
    "Sir" の名前はせいちゃんになったんですか?どのような漢字ですか?
    Happy Easter!

  7. Hello again! I got it!

  8. Escargot.... is it yummy? Perhaps they would be constitutionally good for us as well.

    Our mom says she has something to email especially for Tom in a little while...

    Little Sei-Chan, if you are as particular as your namesake, you will learn your mom's lessons of self-maintenance and be impeccable at all times!

    Abby & Stygia

  9. Happy Easter!
    Beautiful Abby's.
    Sorry to hear about the earlier bridge crossing.

  10. Hoppy Sunday!

    I'm sure woo will khontinue to win the little ones over!

    It is what we khanines do!


  11. Hi Tom. You are right to be patient with the little girls...and Meowmy had to laugh at "boy-sterous"...maybe seeing how sweet you are with Tama-Chan will be especially reassuring to them. As always your snuggling picture is so heartwarming! Little Sei-chan looks like she's still trying to nurse and her mama doesn't seem to mind, even though she's surely got lots of baby tooths!

  12. Of course you are winning them over in no time, Tommy! Purrs!

  13. happy easter to you kiddies and Tom! we hope you are having a nice day. little Sei-Chan isn't so little anymore. she is looking like a big kitty. we can't wait for her to get in on the snuggling too.


  14. Happy Easter! My mom says I get too excited too and she is always giving me that LOOK when I jump up when people come in but aren't we supposed to let them know we are happy to see them?


  15. What wonderful snuggles! We wish you a very happy Easter!

  16. What very sweet pictures! Have a happy Easter playing with little girls, what fun! They'll soon get used to playing with you Tom & likely wear you out!!

  17. Again, my mom says how she loves to see you all snuggling! Hope you had a nice Easter!

  18. Happy Easter!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

  19. Awwww.... so nice...

    Adele, Vincent & Bella

  20. Your human pet always manages to take the best photos of all of you. How does she do it? She must have a very good eye.

  21. Ooh Sei-Chan it looks like you are having some tasty milk in one of your photos! I so love mummy milk... It's even better than roasty chickens and they're oh so yummy! So are siblings tails though... ;) I'm sorry you don't have any siblings tails to bite, so to make things better you can chew Enta or Elzar's tails when ever you want to! :)

    Tama-Chan you are a very purrty young lady, have you done this teething thing that the Mummy's been telling me about? Do you really get over the urge to chew tails? I'm not sure it's true you see...


  22. You look so sweet. Good to hear that you are getting on with the two little girls. And it looks like Sei-Chan is enjoying some time alone with her mummy - you're getting so big ;-)


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