Sunday, 5 April 2009

Snuggles on Sunday

Tom: It is grey out and #1 has a huge pile of work and a mountain of chores to get through, so we're taking it easy today.

Needless to say, Tama-Chan and I have been practicing our snuggling. Here is a slightly different variant on what you are used to seeing:

Tama-Chan also likes to encourage #1 when she is working:

It's apparently getting harder and harder to get good pictures of Sei-Chan and her mama snuggling as the little one is constantly running around. But it seems she has designated #1's shoulder as her all-time favourite place to be (so far) and here she is this morning, doing her post-breakfast ablutions on her designated perch:


  1. Snuggling is the best, especially when it is dreary outside. Your little sister has found a great place to hang out!

    Your friend,

  2. The two of you are even cute when you are snuggling near each other!

    Oh that little sir... with those adorable little feet!

    Lots of luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

  3. It is very grey and cold again here too. Mom might persuade the other type of human though to drive to a Japanese style garden 1/2 an hour from here though. It's beautiful in Spring with the Cherry trees in bloom and of course the azaleas later on... But who are we telling that?! ; )
    Everytime we see your pictures it makes us feel good and warm inside!
    Purrs on thiy snuggly Sunday, Siena & Chilli

  4. You guys are lucky to have each other to snuggle with! Soon little Sei-Chan will be there to wake you both up with you are trying to sleep...but she's way too cute to be annoyed with!

  5. Sei-Chan, is adorable. Thank you for telling us all about her name. We went caught up on the post we have missed.

    Snuggling is good. Tama-Chan you look like you encourage #1 a lot. ~S,S,C & F

    PS: Tom I wish my cats would snuggle with me. ~ Fenris

  6. I would be furry happy to share my sun with woo!

    It is even sunnier here today...but we had our share of recent grey days!

    WOW, that is one difFURent looking parrot - Harrrrr!

    Happy Snuggling!


  7. Tommy and Tama-Chan snuggle photos make our day. They are just so lovely.

    We know what you mean about kittens zooming out of photos! A lot of ours are wide shots that she crops in. Otherwise she is left with a photo of half a face, or a left paw! Haha!

  8. very cozy Sunday shots! And what's cuter than a baby kitten learning good grooming!

  9. Oh yes snuggling is great!!! Here it was grey in the morning but in the afternoon the sun comes out and it is warm.
    Sei-Chan is a cutie!!! Love the story in the former post that I missed!

  10. You all look like you have a nice snuggly day planned. Except for #1 but she can join you when she gets everything finished!!

    Purrs Goldie

  11. I tried that shoulder thing with my Mummy, but I fell off as my butt is too big!

  12. Sei-Chan, I've never thought of using my hooman's shoulder as a bed! I'll have to give it a try later tonight. Hopefully they won't mind my 40+ pounds lounging on them.

  13. I love snuggling, but I doubt I will like it with this new puppy. I'm getting a bit anxious. Tomorrow is finally the big day...

  14. Your snuggling practice has certainly paid off. You two have very impressive snuggling form. That's a very adorable picture of Sei-Chan on #1's shoulder.

  15. 9 and Chani love to snuggle in the morning. Chani is usually by my right shoulder in my neck crook and 9 just sits on top of my chest or my stomach. It's so nice now since it's kind of cool in the mornings. Kind of wondering how nice it will be in the summer!

  16. Sorry for the late visit.....we just scrolled through your other posts, and the name Sei-Chan is wonderful!

  17. I wish my woofie Grete wouldn't run everytime she sees a camera in the house. We love seeing the 2 of you sleeping together!

  18. I apologize fow the lateness of my witing to you on the pawsome news of little Sei-Chan's name. What a wondewful choice. Mommi knows about those witings.
    The fact that she and hew Big bwuvvew awe welated is soo vewy nice and makes it even bettew to have hew thewe. We will follow hew life and adventoowes wif love and gweat intewest. You awe all expawts at snuggling. I hohpe youw Sunday was cozy
    smoochie kisses

  19. So nice to snuggles!!! We love it too...

    Adele, Vincent & Bella

  20. Such cute snugglers you two are! Hope Sei-Chan gave approval of Mom's work.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  21. Tallulah seems to be a shoulder-sitter, too. That could be difficult if she grows very large. What are those little creatures marching across the bottom of #1's Mac monitor?

  22. Tom, you and Tama-Chan are very good at snuggling :-D Olivia would prefer our Woman's shoulder like Sei-Chan... if only she weren't much too big for it.


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