Sunday, 19 April 2009

Snuggles on Sunday and Award!

Tama-Chan: Today is rather a bittersweet day for #1 as Uncle U will be coming to lunch and taking my Grandmama, Viña del Mar, home with him. Over the past couple of months, #1 has grown very attached to her and will miss her. This also means of course that today is the big day and we will finally get to meet Sei-Chan in person. Of course, we have been sniffing her on #1 for weeks now!

So, we are starting off today's snuggle pictures with some that were taken yesterday of Sei-Chan and her Mama:

You can see how much Sei-Chan has grown by how tight the fit now is in the bed! We hope that, very soon, we will be able to bring you photos of us snuggling with little Sei-Chan!

Needless to say, Tommy and I have been doing our share of snuggling this week:

#1 says that, in this photo, I have the body of an Olympic athlete. Champion snuggler, that's me! I also spent some time snuggling with #1 yesterday:

Oh, and before I forget... today is my quarter final in the Kitty Fight Club being run by my boyfriend Misha, so if you have a moment and my photo pleases you, do go over and cast a vote for me! At this stage, I am waaaaaay behind!

And finally for this Sunday: the Kitty City Gazette, a wonderful publication that we only recently discovered has given us their beautiful award:

THANKS! We are very honoured!


  1. You look very lithe and sexy in that middle photo, TC! Me-ow!

  2. Exciting, exciting - everything is so exciting! We are going to vote en suite!

  3. Sei-Chan, it looks like you are well on the way to becoming a beautiful ladycat like your mama. We are looking forward to seeing you with your brother and sister:)

    Your last post certainly looks like you live in an enchanted land! We fully expect that there are little fairies and sprites living in the dandelions that Tommy is sitting with:)

    Thankyou for your sweet words in the last few days. It means more than you know.

  4. Oh, what a very special Sunday! Tama-Chan, your furs just shimmer and glow...what do you eat to make your furs so pretty? And Sei-Chan, we hope you don't miss your mommy, but you will have some nice new friends to take your mind off that. Like here at Furrydance, when kittens stay with their mom til the are 16 weeks, when they leave home here, they don't miss their moms as they are pretty much weaned, and only nurse for comfort. How old are you now? Your mom is very beautiful, too.

  5. Oops, we forgot to say congrats on the awardie! and to say thanks for stopping by and chatting with us and keeping up with Coco's kittens!

  6. I khan't wait to hear about all the FUN!

    Tank woo fur the snuggle shots!

    Khongrats on your award too!


  7. We hope your meeting with Sei-Chan goes well! She is such a beauty!

    And congrats on that award! Furry cool!

  8. Congratulations on the award! I can't wait to see the meeting between Sei-Chan and Tama-chan and Tommy.

  9. You and Tommy must be very excited to meet Sei-Chan! I hope that she doesn't miss her mama too much!!

  10. Congwatulations on that awawd Tama Chan..I went to vote fow you at that dawling kitty fight awe now neck and neck, hehehehe
    you do have a fantastic snuggly body ..vewy bootiful, you and tom awe so adowable togethew. Tell #1 not to be sad..little Sei Chan will bwing hew lots of happiness
    smoochie kisses

  11. We are so excited that you finally get to meet Sei-Chan! It is wonderful that she has been able to stay with her mom for so long. She probably had time to learn some of the most advanced kitty lessons from her mom. Tama-Chan, those are some pretty impressive snuggling moves. You are definitely a champion snuggler.

  12. Humongous! Ha! That's a new word for us. Cool!
    Tama-chan, the last time we had o look you were BOTH at 44 votes. This is such a close race!!! Oh the excitement...
    We hope everything went well today and that sweet sorrel Sei-Chan isn't missing her mommy too badly. Noselicks to the littlest one.
    Siena & Chilli

  13. Congrats on the award and we're looking forward to hearing about what happened when you meet up!

    lots of woofs

  14. I just voted for you Tama-Chan. What an adorable picture showing off your ears. Hope all three of you will be snuggling together soon.

    Your friend,

  15. You sure ARE a Champion snuggler! We don't have any kitties so we didn't even KNOW they could snuggle!

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella

  16. Great photos! It's so exiting that you'll get to meet Sei-Chan soon.


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