Friday, 3 April 2009

Finding Out Friday!

#1: We do apologise for keeping you waiting for so very long, but given the events of this week, it was probably a good thing that we didn't get into names earlier! So, without further ado, I leave the floor to.........

My name is SEI-CHAN!

I am named after SEI SHONAGON who was one of the greatest woman writers of medieval Japan. Her "Pillow Book" was written a thousand years ago and is still in print!!! #1 tells me that, if she were alive today, she would definitely be a blogger! The Pillow Book is a wonderful compilation of lists, gossip about court life, and odds and ends that is hugely readable even today. I would also like you to know that the character for SEI means limpid and pure. Now... in France, all registered pedigree cats have to have names that begin with a letter of the alphabet that is specific to the year of their birth. I was born this year so my official name must start with an "E." I am therefore going to be CFA registered under the name "Edo no Sei Shonagon" which means Sei Shonagon from Edo (the old name for Tokyo). The real Sei Shonagon actually lived in Kyoto (then named Heian Kyo) but what can you do?!

I asked #1 to prepare a little illustrated guide to my name:

There is more to tell you! Actually, something really exciting!

Can you see it? Can you see the resemblance?! I am in the photo below, and above me is my half-brother, SEN-CHAN!!! Yes, I am Sen-Chan's half-sister as we have the same daddy!

#1 tells me that I shall be walking in some pretty awesome brotherly footsteps. I hope that all of you will be my friends and mentors, and as they do in Japanese will ask you to "Be kind to me always."

It reads "Dôzo Yoroshiku O-Negai Itashimasu."


  1. We don't know why but mom has tears in her eyes. Welcome, welcome tiny sorrel Sei-Chan. You are indeed walking in great footsteps!
    It is interesting that in France they give out this rule for naming. As far as we know there are no such rules in Germany, but the cat has to carry the cattery's name. Most catteries name all the kitten from their first litter beginning with A, the second one with B and so on...

  2. Welcome, little Sei-Chan!

    Tama-Chan will always be my #1 girl, but I've saved a piece of my heart for you, 'cos I think you're going to grow up to be very special girlcat.

  3. Oh, fear not: I will be kind to my 'special' way!

    What a beaWOOtiful name and explanation of said name!

    Almost as fun as les vins regulations in France!

    Woo are a khutie - no doubt about that...maybe they khould put woo in my pakhkage!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  4. Welcome home Sei-Chan! I've been watching you for a few weeks now, but it's so nice to meet you officially! You have a fantasic sister and a great woofie brother. I'm sure you will help heal their hearts a little as they are still missing your half-brother.

  5. So Little "Red" you are actually Sei-Chan, a very fitting name for one so cute! :) How funny that your official name starts with an E like all of our kittens names do, even though we didn't need to do that for the GCCF registration, and more to the point your real name starts with an S, like our Setra who is staying with us (even if she abuses my squirrel). However Setra and Enta are heart broken that you are not a little boy kitten, though I have noticed that Elzar is now looking all pleased with himself for some reason! ;) I think that you will have a lovely life with #1 and Tama-Chan and Setra says you will be her very bestest friend ever! Isis is thrilled that she will see a little bit of her beloved Sen-Chan going on too, especially such a pretty little bit. She has therefore decided that you are unofficially adopted as one of her own kittens... ;)

    Anyway be a good little girl for #1 and one day when we have grown lots of matatabi we shall send you and Tama-Chan some (once we've pried it away from Tigmut'hep!) ;)

    Ramses and all the Lovelynx Abys

  6. Welcome, little Sei-Chan! It is a pleasure to meet you:) And what a wonderful explanation behind your name. It is fitting for a blogging cat to have the name of one who would be a blogger today:)

  7. Welcome, welcome sweet Sei-Chan. What a wonderful name with a great history behind it. We didn't realize Sen-Chan was your half brother. You will grow into a bright and curious girl with Sen-Chan's guiding paw from above.

    Little {{hugs}} out to you today!

    Purrs to Tom and Tama-Chan too!!

    Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  8. Hi Sei-Chan!

    Mommy met your half-brother and he was a prince among mancats! That's quite a bit name for a little handful of fluff...I think you may still be "Little Red" from time to time. Have you met your big brother and sister yet?

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica

  9. What a wonderful name you have, Sei-Chan!
    And yes, we will most definitely be kind to you always!

  10. Congratulations, Sei-Chan! It is always an honor to be bestowed with a thoughtful and meaningful name. And you have the personality and beauty to match!

    Ms. C says she wants to read that book.

    What is Tom going to do now, he is in a household full of Ladies?! Maybe he will need to turn to Mr. R for advice.

    Abby & Stygia

  11. Welcome Sei-Chan!
    Hi Tom, Hi Tama-chan Hi #1. (Just so no one feels left out.)


  12. I really love it when human pets put some thought into our names. I especially adore your name, Sen-Chan. I think it is absolutely fitting since you will be curling up on the pillow next to your human pets many, many times!

    I had no idea about the pedigree rule in France. How do they determine the letters? How long has this been happening? Why did it start?

  13. We are most pleased to formally make your acquaintance, sweet little Sei-Chan!

    Yes, we certainly DO see a resemblance to Sen-Chan! That explains those lovely pink toe pads you share, too!

  14. Oh, how pretty - we love both of your eyes. Thank you for giving us the name guide too- it makes it even more interesting.

    Happy Friday.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  15. How wonderful!! Oh you do have a wonderful big brother's footsteps to follow but we know you'll work your very own magic on all of us. Your name is just perfect for you! That is interesting about the letter/year combo for registered cats in France. Race horses here have letters and numbers tatooed on their upper lips and the first letter stands for the year they were born. You and our horse have something in common because her letter is "E" (even though she was born in 2001). She turns 8 on Tuesday.


  16. Hi Sei-Chan! I love your name. And seeing you is like seeing a little bit of Sen-Chan.

  17. Welcome to the family Sei-Chan! I'm so glad that we finally get to hear your words and learn about your new name. It really is a beautiful name and obviously a lot of thought was put into finding just the right one. I can definitely see a bit of Sen-Chan in you! Too bad you never to meet your half-brother. We all miss him terribly, but it's so nice to see that a bit of him lives on in you. It will be so exciting watching you grow up and settle into your forever home. You couldn't hope for a better family than #1, Tama-Chan, and Tom.

  18. Welcome, Sei-chan. Hajimemashite! I'm so glad to meet you. 9 and Chani send their regards to you and cannot wait to read about your adventures.


  19. weldome Sei-Chan! we like your pretty name and it's history. we know that you will follow in the paw prints of your great half-brother, Sen-Chan. we look forward to hearing about all of your adventures.


  20. oops, we meant to say welCome.

    stupid opposable thumbs aren't always foolproof!

  21. Are you the little kitten everyone has been calling Sir? The one we've been watching grow? If so, this is a sweet surprise to find out you are a girl!!

    What a purrty name and it's nice to learn all about what it means, too.

    Welcome! and we will alway be kind to you, it's only right and well, you are so cute, you'd melt anyones heart!

  22. Sei-Chan - welcome and thank you for sharing your name and it's meaning with us!

    We're sure that Sen-Chan will be looking out for you and gently guiding you as your grow. You certainly look like him.

    We don't have a blog of our own, but we promise we will stop by to visit often.

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  23. Welcome to the blogging world Sei-Chan! I'm so glad to know about your lovely name. I look forward to reading about all your adventures with Tommy and Tama-Chan. You have a great family.

    Your new friend,

  24. Hello, Sei-Chan! What a cutie you are!

  25. Wow!
    Little cute naughty girl
    get a wonderful name "清-chan"
    from 清少納言 has a literery talent.

    We are hopeful of her
    to be an elegant lady!

  26. What a beautiful name! You do look a lot like sweet, beautiful Sen-Chan. We are truly looking forward to getting to know you better and hearing about your amazing adventures.

  27. Your momma is so knowledgeable about Japan, such interesting things!
    And your name is just very beautiful!
    It is so very nice to meet you.. well your name Miss Sei-Chan, and while you had the most glorious half brother (who I am sure is still checking in with you all), I will love and be kind to you always for you. We are all different and all have our own qualities that makes us loved..
    Ok momma has typed too much again....

  28. Hello, Little Sei-Chan. Your name reflects you beautifully! Your brother was a noble and mischievous fellow. I can see that blood runs true!

  29. Oh Sei-Chan you are too precious for words!

    There is no way that anyone could be anything but good to you, sweetie.

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and lucie

  30. Dear Sei-Chan, We're very happy to be your friends and look forward to more stories of your life - and to look at more pictures of your beautiful self.
    Purrs, Cliff and Olivia
    P.s. Our Woman read The Pillow Book and found it most fascinating. Very cool to be named after an author.


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