Friday, 15 April 2022

V & H Vendredi


Hotesse: Hello, Nice People! Mama Hotesse here! #1 checked and it has been more than a month since we had a V&H Vendredi post! It had also been three weeks since her last visit when #1 came to see us yesterday. A kind friend drove her, which made it easier for her

We were all very pleased to see her.(and the apples and carrots too!). She brought a new supply of arthritis meds for me and noticed how well I was looking. She took this pic. What do you think?

In just a few weeks, I shall be celebrating my 27th birthday. I am very excited, as is #1!

Here is a nice pic of me with my daughter, Violette:

I guess I didn't do a great job of teaching her manners, as she always tries to get all the treats for herself. But #1 can usually find ways around that! I did tell her off but she never pays her Mama any attention!

The shadows from the tree smade her look all dappled!

Here she is again, looking all sweetness and light:

Rumour has it that that Big V over the way is just as bad about sharing treats. I wonder if it's a V thing? We H girls are more generous!

Here is the Big V, trying to snatch a treat out of #1's hand as she was trying to give it to Heloise:

Just look at him, trying to look all sweet!

It was lovely visiting with all of you again!


  1. it must be a v thing... of course LOL

  2. Gee! The V's really want those treats! MOL!
    I really can't blame them.
    I like treats too, but I don't have to share ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  3. I wish I could visit all of you... glad you got your treats and I know you missed her hugs and treats and herself... you both look so pretty dappled or not dappled

  4. Lovely photos of the horsies!!
    Hotesse, you are not showing your age at all!

  5. Did #1 bring extra treats, to make up for the delay in visiting you all?
    Hope so!

  6. You all look great and we're so happy to hear #1 was able to come visit you.

  7. I'm so glad #1 got to bring you all some treats, you each deserve them!

  8. It's always nice to see The Horse Doggies! My foster had some so I'm used to them and those chicken things too!

    We enjoyed the dapping shot - furry nice!


  9. Nice to see all of you horses too.

  10. How funny! I thought that kind of greediness was just a kitty thing!


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