Tuesday 21 December 2021

Tama-Chan Tuesday


Tama-Chan: So, as you know, I am not only Queen of this house, but I am also a generous 13 years of age. I am getting a little creaky, just like my #1, but, just like her, I can still go get'em!

I also remain the prettiest table decoration around!

#1 says the days will start to get longer again from today. Three cheers for that!


  1. You look like you were having fun playing and you do make a lovely table decoration, too.

  2. My human says 13 is just a kid! Binga was over 15 when she learned how to walk on a leash. I'm sure I'll still be visiting patients when I'm your age.

  3. QueenChat!

    So regal - and NAK would say tasty looking -

    We don't know how I am with felines - but I was fine with free range chickens and horses at my foster's place!


  4. You are very Royal sweet Tama and you look most wonderful on the table...and everywhere!

  5. I am 13 too. I love to chase around the house as well. Yay for days getting longer.

  6. You make a beautiful table decoration, Tama. I will be very happy to see light mornings again, and hopefully a difference will become visible after the New Year. I was up earlier than usual this morning for a grocery delivery, and we had a beautiful sunrise.

  7. Keep up all the moves so you won't get too stiff... And yes, we love how you decorated the table!! Purrfect!


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