Monday 13 December 2021

Manly Monday


Vidock: Here is a photo of me looking very handsome and hugely manly with our visitor of last week, Ms. P: It was pouring with rain.

Ollie: Here is another nice portrait of me taken by Mr. G:

Benny: Can someone explain Christmas to me? #1 put up this huge toy tree in our living room but she doesn't like it when I bat stuff off it. And then there was this...

Has she gone mad?


  1. Benny, I can see you aren't as obliging as I am with the outfits! MOL

  2. Vidock, you are indeed handsome!
    Ollie, that is a pawsome picture of your handsome self ;)
    Aahhhhhhh Benny! Welcome to the thing that is Christmas! Your collar with bells is bound to let #1 know where you are ;) MOL!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Manly photos of you both, Vidock and Ollie. Benny, you are being manly to allow #1 to get you in the Christmas gear.

  4. Oh dear embarrassing!! Our person thinks it is hilarious, but we feel your pain.
    The Island Chans xxx

  5. Oh Benny... She did it... We feel your pain, buddy... Purrs

  6. Benny, just go with the flow. Once Christmas Day comes, it will all be worth it:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. Oh, Benny! You sure got the short stick with having to wear the Santa hat. Our tree is too high off the ground for us to get to it but we know that doesn't stop you kitties.

  8. Y'all look fabulous and Benny, welcome to Christmas pal, you and I are in the Santa Hat club.

  9. What a great shot Ollie- So furry handsome!

    Of course, HIMikhane Benny should control himself of purrrrhaps he'll end up on TOP of tree -

    Just sayin'!


  10. Great shots of all you Manly guys! And Benny, I too do not understand the hat thing. The dogs who visit our blog tell me it is a hat tax. We have to wear the hat to get treats! And yes, we did get extra treats for wear the hat. Cinnamon is still refusing...but Mom is still trying.

  11. Oh,that hat!!
    Those are great and very manly pictures!


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