Tuesday 27 April 2021

Tama-Chan Tuesday


Tama-Chan: How are you, Dear Friends? I am a little bit tired. Why, do you ask? Well, it is actually exhausting to find a little scamp staring at you every time you turn around. I man, I can't spend all day growling, can I?

# 1says my expression in this shot is priceless:

We had some very nice days when the window was open.

Here I am relaxing with my shadow:

Then there is helping #1 at the computer:

And my most important mission which is to look cute and dangly!

#1 says she is taking PP in to Dr. C's tomorrow evening, as his op is first thing on Thursday morning. We will all be crossing paws that all will go smoothly.


  1. You do look annoyed in the first photo, but I think he can't take his eyes off you because he is admiring your beauty. I hope all goes well with the op.

  2. I think little Benny is quite taken with you Tama.
    He can learn a lot from you ;)
    Purrs the op goes well.
    Purrs, Julie

  3. yes your #1 is right... we love the look!!!

  4. You look great today, Miss Tama-Chan even if you do look a bit annoyed in that first picture. We are crossing our paws that all goes well for Benny at the vet.

  5. Tama-Chan, your look in that top photo is terrific; no hiding your annoyance!
    Purrs that Benny sails through with flying colours.

  6. Purrayers for your "shadow" to have a successful vet visit !

  7. That look says a lot sweet Tama but he'll get better and calmer eventually. Purrs for a no problem surgery for the little guy.

  8. You do your cute and dangly look very well, Tama:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. Hope it all goes well for the little dude...maybe when he comes back he'll be a wee bit quieter...for a while!


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