Saturday 10 April 2021

Sei-Chan's Souvenir Saturday


Rainbow Sei: Hello, everyone! How have you all been? Things are fine here at the Bridge. We had a huge party this week for Eric and Fynn's 21st birthday. There were so many kitties and woofies there! #1 very first kitty, Ikkyu, was telling me how he came into #1's life 29 years ago! I thought it would be fun to do a retrospective of pics of him. He actually lived with #1 on three continents! Isn't that amazing?

The first couple of pics are from when he was still a tiny kitten in Tokyo. He wasn't even eight weeks old when he came to live with #1.

He used to fly with #1 all over the world. Here he is, in the first class cabin, flying from Tokyo to Paris. 

This is one of #1's favourite pics of him:

He used to summer in Prince Edward Island with #1:

At Poupounette Central, he would occasionally sneak out to get a taste of fresh grass!

The thing about Ikkyu, though, was that he loved #1 and only #1. All of her friends thought he was scary. For her, though, he was the sweetest, snuggliest cat ever! Here he is with a much younger #1:

Now that he is at the Bridge and has met all of us, he has become a lot more sociable. He regales us with all of his amazing adventures around the world, and tells us how, after they left Japan, #1 would still have his favourite food shipped for him from Japan!


  1. Hello dear Sei. Thank you for telling me about the boys 21st party. I thought they would have one with all their many friends around the world, but it is nice to hear it from you.
    The baby photos of Ikkyu are adorable. I love that last photo too.

  2. Angel Ikkyu liked that others though he was fierce!

  3. Such adorable photos all and I'm glad the pawty for Eric and Flynn was a goodie!

  4. Ikkyu sure led quite an adventurous life.

  5. Yeah, I am kinda a one person cat too. I take a long time to get cozy with others.

  6. How nice to learn more about Ikkyu. What a fun life he had!

  7. Sei, thank you for sharing so much about Ikkyu that we didn't know before. He was a beautiful boy for sure.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Hi Sei! Thanks for telling us about Ikkyu! We was quite the adventurer! Queen Penelope says he is a rel gentleman! (We think that she is smitten).

  9. Our Groucho was sort of scary to visitors, too, but a lap cat to us...after he got used to us, as he came here as a rescue at about age seven...
    Ikkyu was very handsome!


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