Monday 19 April 2021

Manly Monday


Benny: Mee-Mee-MeeeyoW! #1 says I have quite the vocabulary! I also still have gunky ears and a stuffed up nose, so #1 says we will be going back to see Dr. C today or tomorrow. Sigh...

I always have a great time hanging out with my bro, Ollie:

#1 has been calling me "The Transporter" as I carry things around with me. This was a whole packet of freeze-dried chicken breasts!

I have discovered the hammock in the study and am practicing some upward dangles to impress Queen Tama:

Ollie: He may be little but he's certainly making himself comfortable!

#1 and I have been enjoying some nice walks in the fields!

And I made some new friends yesterday.

The Big V: "Eye" have a couple of close-ups for you today!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. we hope your dr. c can help you out dear benny... and we LOVE this wonderful eyes of da big V... there is all the wisdom and the love inside...

  2. What a great bunch of manly photos!! Benny, you are sure to impress Tama with your impressive dangle work!!

  3. I hope the vet can get your snuffles and ears cleared up, Benny. You are a quick learner with the dangles. Be very careful with the cow, Ollie. No matter how docile they usually are, when they have calves they can turn in an instant when there is a dog close by. A lot of people have been seriously injured and #1 won't be able to run as fast as you.
    You have very gentle eyes, Vidock.

  4. You sure are having fun Benny and we hope those sniffles go away soon. Love that Big V eye!

  5. You boys are all looking great today. We hope Dr. C can help you feel better, Benny.

  6. I hope the vet can get you fixed up fast, Benny! It was nice seeing all the boys today.

  7. Will Tama and Benny do a dangle off?

  8. Benny, we hope your vet can help you to get over all those URI symptoms.
    Nice running in the fields, Ollie, and Vidock, your eyes are such windows into your sweet soul!

  9. We are late! Mom has had a horrible time trying to keep up0 with the commenting this week, she has had to travel to sort out issues with insurance. Darn Covid has messed things up! But enough of our problems. Your manliness is so appreciated! Especially the Big V's EYES! But you Ollie and you Benny are too! We hope the vet visit goes well.


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