Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: It has gotten warm again here and the countryside is really, really dry! I feel lucky to live in a nice cool house with plenty to drink (and eat!). I am also fortunate to have a nice cat run to be out in when it's pleasant outside:

Notice the recycled tire?

When the weather is nice and I ask her, #1 serves me my breakfast al fresco:

But she doesn't leave the dish out long as there are ants around!

It's nice to change napping spots occasionally I had not been on the back of this (Ollie's) sofa for a while

And sometimes, I have company:


  1. you have that ants too? they are like crazy this summer... da nelly places his butt directly on ants-village... that was a surprise for him LOL

  2. The recycled tyre makes a very good place to relax.
    We have been plagued with ants trying to come indoors this summer, but I got some ant bait traps and haven't seen any since. The ant nests in the garden are being enjoyed by the blackbirds.

  3. You do have a very good life, Tama!

  4. That's a great way to recycle the tire!
    Have a great day, Tama-Chan!

  5. Great use of an old tire.
    Your #1 really makes sure you are all comfy and loved and that's easy to see :)
    WE had an ant invasion. One morning they were all over the kitchen floor! Mum got the mop .washed the floor and has not seen then since! Some are still about, but not the swarm. Interesting.
    Purrs, Georgia and Julie

  6. It looks like you are enjoying life. We never get to eat outside. That looks like fun.

  7. Tama-Chan, we know all about ants and cat food...but, unfortunately, the battle was waged inside the house!

  8. Your outside dining looks wonderful sweet Tama. Hey, you need a moat bowl to put your food bowl in, ants can swim.

  9. What a great place to eat dinner, Tama-Chan. Thanks for sharing your day.

  10. We bet you enjoy it when you can go out in the run. It is so hot here now that we are inside a lot too.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. The hot weather is here too, and it sort of makes us lazy...so we all 'lollygag' around a lot!
    Ants sure can be persistent pests...the hooligans have ant bites on their bellies from lying in the grass...I guess the ants are trying to evict them out of their territory, MOL!


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