Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Wednesday Whinnies

Hotesse: #1 came to see us yesterday and she brought a friend along this time. This is someone who is not really used to horses, so it was a big deal for her! We were changing pastures, and Ms. M got to take me!

The new pasture is really beautiful. Just look at it!

That little Heloise of mine is still growing, so she munches on everything she finds...

Ms. M thought that Heloise was sexy! I guess I did a pretty good job with that last child of mine!

Violette: I still haven't seen my Mama. But it's nice to see #1 in the meantime! And Ms. M really enjoyed meeting me and the Big V!


  1. My human has not spent any time with horses since she was 14, and she would love nothing more than to get a chance to do it again!

  2. Hotesse, we bet you were very gentle with Ms M and made her feel comfortable. Your new pasture is lovely with lots of room and grass :)
    Violette, we purr you see your mama soon.
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  3. You are very gentle Hotesse, and Ms. M would be safe leading you.
    Your new pasture looks lovely. We have nothing like that here. England's green and pleasant land is brown and shriveled here at least.
    We are getting some misty drizzle at the moment, but we need much more than that.

  4. How cool your new fan got to come see you, that's pretty special!

  5. How nice that you get a new pasture. Your "little" girl sure is a beauty as is your other daughter.

  6. Always fun to preen for a newbie!

  7. You're a wonderful mama, Hotesse, and your children are gorgeous ! Purrs

  8. Gee, can't #1 get you all into the same pasture? Or are there some jealousy going on here?


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