Monday, 28 May 2018

Manly Monday

Tommy: We have been having big thunderstorms lately. It's a good job we are all so manly and not afraid of thunder boomies around here! It also means that the fields are pretty wet!

Do you like my smile?

Last Friday night, I went out dining with #1 and some of her friends, and I scored big time! I got nice helpings of duck and beef!!!

Da Beebs: Do you need something #1?

In that case, I shall return to my bath...

Da Genj: I really don't know why #1 thought my eating style so funny!

I'm also beginning to think that #1 has a thing about bathtime photos...

This past weekend was the Fête des Voisins (Neighbour's Celeiration) in France and, in honour of that, here are our kitty neighbours. First Basha:

Then Merlin!

We thought we wouldn't have any fresh pics of The Big V but a friend of #1's sent her one yesterday evening!  #1 is going to England again this week, and there should be lots more pics of him next week! 


  1. oh I want such a fab place high above like da Genji too, I bet from there you have the bestest view on all things ;O))) we had two tunderstorms too... first the mama was happy because she has not to water the plants, but then the hail smashed all the flowers... well at least now she has to water them never again ;O)))

  2. We love the manly pics because you all look so good :)
    We purr the thunderboomers stop so the grass won't be so wet.
    Genji, mum giggled at your eating style too ;)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Nice seeing all you boys today! Tommy, you are lucky, getting special treats on your outings with #1!

  4. You boys are all looking great. It has been really dry and hot lately so if you want to send some of that rain our way that would be nice.

  5. It looks like you all are ready for a fun week!

  6. Timber wants to try that eating style, Genji - but first he has to figure out how to get in that position:)

    Have a thunderstorm-free week.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. Ils sont beaux les voisins.
    Vous aussi vous êtes beaux les garçons. Mais les autres ont un look sauvage ...
    Genji j'adore ta façon de manger. C'est bien de faire de la gym en mangeant. Ca maintient en forme.

  8. You're all looking great ! We got some thunderstorms too, but nothing serious. Purrs


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