Monday, 7 May 2018

Manly Monday

Vidock: Handsome Neighs, EveryFriend! How have you all been? I have some exciting photos to show you! You see, I was put in a pair for the first time last week. When I was a stallion, it was really difficult to do that, but now, I am just perfect. So, I first was put in a pair with another gelding (his name is Kash):

And them it was with a girl! She is an older mare. Her name is Malice (Neeeeeighs!!!).

The plan is that I can be driven as a pair with Violette one day. I am on the right hand side in both photos. I look a lot lighter in the second one, but that's because the sun was reflecting off my coat. 

#1 is coming to see me this week, and she is bringing Ms. C with her!

 Tommy : I was really busy last week with #1 and our guest. Among other things, I visited the beautiful town of Le mans with them:

And, over the weekend, I met a wonderful new friend! Her name is Tosca.

Da Genj: How do you like my stripey tail and back?!

Da Beebs: Here I am, eating my meal under my Mama Tama's supervision. She is very strict on the "empty plate" rule!

We wish you all a great week. #1 is leaving us again tomorrow. She will be back late morning Friday. Mr. G wil be looking after us.


  1. You look good as part of a team Vidock!
    Tommy, your friend is nice looking.WE bet you get along with everyone :)
    Genji, we love the stripes!!! Very dramatic.
    Mum likes it when we all clean our food dishes too.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. I loved seeing you all today (and Genji's "stripey" tail!)... I am looking forward to seeing Vidock and Violette as a team!

  3. Oh Tommy!

    Woo meet the khoolest furiends!

    We are in store fur some pawesome days - heading fur our walk soon but had to chekhk out YOUR handsomeness furst!

    I'm sure #1 will bring woo a surprise of some sort!

    Khyra&Holly&Khousin Emmy

  4. There are big adventures ahead for you Vidock. You and Violette will make such a handsome pair.
    Tommy, you make friends wherever you go! Such a dear dog.
    Beebs, all mum’s love when we make empty plate.
    Genji! Your stripes make us think of Sir John Tenniel’s illustration of the Cheshire Cat!

  5. Well done, Vidock -it looks like your surgery was a very good plan.

    Tommy, we don't think you will ever meet a pup who doesn't want to be your friend.

    Genji - great stripes:)

    And da Beebs - always best to listen to the Momma.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. Your stripey tail is really cool, Genji ! Well done, Vidock, can't wait to see you doing this with Violette in the future. Purrs

  7. It is exciting to see you as part of a pair and shows how well you are getting on. It will be lovely to see you and Violette side by side in the future.
    We will be coming to visit you again next month.

    1. I forgot to say that your stripey tail looks amazing, Genji.

  8. Oh Vidock, we're proud of you doing so well!

  9. Glad Vidock is making such progress working with other horses.

  10. Genj yous stripe design is very stylish... I bet we will see a lot of stripes now on da catwalks of this world ;O) we wish your #1 a super time and a safe travel :O)

  11. Oh Vidock! I am sure you and Violette will make a great pair! Genji, you would make a great tabby and Beebs, you are lucky your mama cares about your eating.
    Purrs Marv

  12. Vidock, you are doing so good with your lessons. How exciting it will be if you and Miss Violette could work as a team. All you boys are looking great today too.

  13. Ca a du bon Vidock ton opération. Maintenant tu peux partager des choses avec d'autres chevaux.
    Genji, ta queue zébre est totalement originale ! Bravo.


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