Sunday, 27 January 2013

Snuggles on Sunday!

Tama-Chan: There have been some great photo shoots this week but #1 says it hasn't been that great a week for snuggle pics, and she would like me to apologise on her behalf. I of course did my bit and snuggled with Tommy

This week, Genji concentrated on snuggling with #1 (maybe he was doing it so much she didn't have time to take pics of the rest of us?!). Anyway, here he is, first on #1's lap:

And then climbing up into her arms:

Sei-Chan did some snuggling with #1 too!

Amazingly, we don't have a photo of her snugging with Tommy this week!

Here is my Beebs giving #1 a somewhat stern-looking snuggle first thing in the morning:

And Big Boy Vidock is always ready for a snuggle!

OK, we don't have an actual snuggle pic with Violette, but here she is coming over to give #1 one!

And I think that's all of us. Phew! We managed to get pics of everyone in!

Please don't forget to join us tomorrow to celebrate sweet Sei-Chan's fourth birthday!


  1. Well done! Now you can relax and go back to snuggling! Have an easy Sunday, everybuddy!

  2. Furry well done !
    Wish you a snuggly easy Sunday :)

  3. Great snuggle shots! This is a most excellent way to spend Sunday. We will be snuggling, too. Have a great week, furriends. xoxoxo

  4. In this weather snuggles are the best way to get warm.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Lots of snuggles. Your crew is so cute!

    I tried to email but the address didn't work so here is a long comment with regard to boots.

    To answer your question - We didn't have the greatest success with the therapaw for K. I think it was partly because she was missing a toe so her paw wasn't shaped normally. The boot tended to gradually slide downward until she her paw was only about halfway into the boot.

    R loves Ruffwear boots, and they don't fall off. We've never used the winter ones but we use the summer ones (we use them extensively when the dogs run in the desert). R split a nail two days ago, and we are having him wear a Ruffwear boot outside. We've used the "Grip Tex" which you can see at

    One nice thing is that you can buy single boots directly from Ruffwear. The one bad thing is that some dogs don't like them. K absolutely refused to wear them. Unlike most dogs, she didn't "get over it" as we started hiking. Instead, she refused to move (but she would wear other kinds of boots, albeit hesitantly). I don't think that this is very common.

    I hope that Tommy recovers fast! R splits nails a lot, and they often get infected so we have to soak his paw in epsom salts twice daily to clean out the split nail. We do it while he eats, and he doesn't even seem to notice! We also only use the boot outdoors so his nail can breath throughout the day.

    I hope this helps!

  6. You are the best snugglers! Even on an "off" snuggle day, you still snuggle better than anyone in the world.

  7. Hugs from here, too!

    (I'm not sure how to remove word verification. I thought I had taken care of that, then received nearly 100 dreadful spam messages in one day alone.)

  8. We think it's been a good week for snuggle shots after all. Have a nice cosy Sunday after a week of snowy chills.

  9. I do the same thing as Bibi in the morning with my human - and I am just as serious!

  10. Mom is wishing she could snuggle with Vidock and Violette too -- she says she has been missing horses extra lately!

  11. Even for an "off" snuggle week, they are all superior snuggles!

  12. Lovely snuggling photos all the same!

    Hope you're all keeping warm!

    take care
    Clive & Murray

  13. Good snuggles all around for Sunday.

  14. wonderful snuggle shots and I will be here tomorrow with Katie Isabella to enjoy the birthday baby!

  15. Even a "not great" snuggle week for you is pretty spectacularly snuggly. Thanks for sharing your sweet snuggle pics.

  16. We thought those were some pretty good snuggles!!

  17. We look forward to Sunday snugglies
    Benny & Lily

  18. Woozers! Me sure loves your Sunday snuggles!


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