Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Tommy Tuesday!

Tom: After days and days of REALLY cold weather and brilliant sunshine, it has warmed up a lot today, but with that has come rain. Boring rain... #1 and I managed to get out to the big field this morning when it was still more or less dry, but it's getting yucky outside and I think I will stay in...

... until it's time for my afternoon run!

Tama-Chan: Can't it be "Tama-Chan Tuesday" too? #1 is saying that I am becoming more cuddly and playful by the minute, but I feel I have to make an effort to keep some of that mysterious wild aura as well, so here is today's photo. #1 says I look a bit like a lion cub in it. Do you think so?


  1. Tom,
    Your decision sounds very wise, we'd do the same!

    We agree that you do have a wild look to you! Do you have a nickname yet, perhaps, like "little rocket" ?

    Abby & Stygia

  2. Well I thought it was Tigmut'hep Tuesday?! But have to agree that Tama-Chan Tuesday is pretty good too! :)

  3. Hi Tommy. We're lucky that we can stay in and use our litter boxes, not have to deal with that yucky rain. Tama-chan, that picture of you is quite lovely, you really do look like a little lion cub. I'm glad you're getting sweeter and more affectionate...i'm sure that is helping #1's heart heal a bit.

  4. Tommy, is it you or #1 who thinks mud is yucky? we love to run through the mud and walk around the house with the dirty paws.
    Tama Chan --you look like the cutest little lion cub.


  5. Tom and Tama-Chan, you are looking fine today. Very rested. Hope #1 is doing OK.

    You are even cuter than a lion cub, Tama!!

    Purrs Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  6. Tom, here's to a proper muddy walk for you this afternoon!

    Tama-Chan you really do look like a little lion cub - have you been practicing your roar?

    Whicky Wuudler

  7. I hope you have a fun afternoon run, Tom! And little Tama-Chan, you do look like a little lion. A very cute little lion.

  8. Tom, I hope you had a great run in the mud!

    Tama-chan, you are the very cutest lion cub I ever did see!

    Thank you all so much for your good wishes! My back is a little sore today but not too bad and other than that I feel fine.

    Hey, the word thingy is "catiske", haha!

    I love the tree and I'm sure you're right :) xxx

  9. Whoa... or better: Roar... you furry much look like a lion cub, Tama-Chan. How regal, you know that lions are the biggest cats in the world, don't you?!
    Tom, the same is happening for us: higher temps, the snow melts and everything gets muddy. No rain yet, but you know how these things are...
    Hugs and purrs four you and #1.
    Siena, Chilli & the mom

  10. You do look like a little lion cub! Tom, you're very wise in your decisions. Maybe you two could snuggle up for a bit together?


  11. You look so CLEAN, Tom, that it is probably best you decided to opt out of the gloomy weather.

  12. You do look like a cute lion cub!! Cute!

  13. You look a little bit like an ocelot, Tama-Chan! Very wild. And Tom, you look very comfortable. And that's a good thing.

  14. I agree Tom. Rain is soooo boring! But napping is good.

    Tama-Chan looks very mysterious in that picture.

    Your friend,

  15. Tama-Chan, that's a gorgeous picture of you. You do look like a lion cub.


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