Saturday, 10 January 2009

Thankful Togetherness

Tom: Hello everyone. I m sorry I have been gone for so long. Very strange things happened here. First of all, #1 disappeared. There were nice people here looking after me and my brother and sister, but we missed her! And then, my brother, Sen-Chan disappeared too. Little Tama-Chan was pretty upset so I have been looking after her to the best of my ability, trying to keep her cuddled and entertained. 

Then last night, a truly wonderful thing happened: #1 came back! Tama-Chan and I were so happy to see her, and she was so happy to see us, but she was also so, so sad. She sat down with me and she explained to me that my brother, the wise, sweet and wonderful Sen-Chan, had gone to a place called the Rainbow Bridge, and we would not see him again for a long time. So, now I too am both happy and sad.

This morning, when #1 and I went for our walk, we went to visit Sen-Chan's Fairy Tree. #1 says she is absolutely sure that the same tree stands at Rainbow Bridge, so that when we are at the tree, we are close to Sen-Chan. And guess what? When we got close to the tree, these streams of light came down and we just KNEW that Sen-Chan was there with us. Look...

Perhaps you have missed us, so here are photos of me and Tama-Chan, taken today:

From #1: I cannot even begin to thank all of you for your kindness and support following Sen-Chan's death. I was absolutely overwhelmed, and so very comforted, by all the notes you sent and the many tributes to him on other blogs.  I will stop by each blog individually but let me start with this collective thank you.

Sen-Chan was an exceptional cat. He did not live long but he brought a kind of magic to this house with him. I now think of him as a shooting star who lit up my sky for a brief time and whose very long tail will continue to brighten my life for many, many years. Here is one of my all-time favourite pictures of him, taken when he was still a kitten. I think it shows all of his sweetness perfectly:


  1. we are so happy to see you back on your bloggy again. we did miss you kids!

    that is a lovely photo of Sen Chan. we can see why you like it. it's perfect.

    and the photo of the beautiful lights by Sen Chan's fairy tree is definitely a sign from Sen Chan. he is sending you love from the Rainbow Bridge and letting you know that he is okay now. he is waiting for you there and watching over you.

    again, we are so sorry for your loss. we are happy that #1 is home with you again though, so that you can be there for each other.


  2. We're glad you are back! We missed you furry much. The picture of sweet Sen-Chan is adorable!

  3. Dear Tom and #1, we are are happy to see you back again. We all love the pictures. Sweet little cat, may he rest in peace. You Tommy are such a sweetie. We all hope you give each other lots of cudles.

    We are sending you lots of cudles adn love,

  4. I am glad to see you again! That photo of Sen-Chan made my eyes leaky. I feel thankful that he was around long enough to help guide and teach Tama-Chan and make her transition to your home easy.

  5. Welcome back Tom and Tama-chan and #1. We were worried about you. Glad you're back. I think Sen-chan was there at the tree making sure you knew he was doing ok and missed you lots.
    Nose kisses to all!

  6. Hello there!

    We are soooo happy to see you dear friends!

    Tom you look adorable in that picture. I just wish I could pet your furry ears.

    Tama-Chan, I see you were doing the computing. Keep up the good work sweetie.

    We just LOVE that picture of Sen-Chan. It captured him perfectly!


  7. We have definitely missed you and are so glad that the three of you are reunited again. The photo of the light by the fairy tree is just beautiful and the perfect place to spend time remembering darling Sen-Chan.

    Now get busy, Tom and Tama-Chan, you have some serious cheering up of #1 to do!

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica

  8. That is a great picture of Sen-Chan. It's difficult to lose a loved member of the family. We are thinking about you all and sorry for the loss.

    Big purrs and hugs -
    Dante, Sebastian and Yaffa

  9. We are so glad to see you back. Seeing the Fairy Tree with rainbows and streaks of light gave Mom chills and leaky eyes! Tama-Chan must miss her big brother so, as do we.

  10. We were happy to see your blog today and to hear that #1 is back home. The tree photo is breathtaking!

  11. Dear Tama-Chan, Tom, and #1,
    We are glad that #1 returned home safely to you.

    After seeing the picture of Sen-Chan's fairy tree, we find we would just rather think about it and have few words to express our feelings.

    Abby, Stygia, & Ms. C

  12. Tom and Tama-Chan,

    I'm so glad that your #1 is back with you. Give her lots of cuddles and kisses because I am sure she will need them. Your brother was a great cat and I know you all were so close.

    Your friend,

  13. Tom-Chan and Tama-Chan we did miss you both! and we Miss Sen_Chan muchly.
    We are so very happy that your MOmma is home and that now you can all talk about Your beautiful brother and furry son, remembering :))

    That picture with the rainbow just made my Momma cry with happiness, it was so very wonderful and sweet of Sen-Chan to give you both a message....
    We agree, the picture is the embodiment of Sen-Chans sweetness:))
    big furry hugs to you all!!

  14. Hello, we have so missed all of you. The rays coming down by the Fairy Tree are definately a sign ... we do believe in those things. We hope you are not sad for long, but find some peace soon.

  15. That was a beautiful shot of the fairy tree - it's nice to remember your brother in such a beautiful place. Big purrs to Tom, Tama-chen and #1,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  16. Welcome back all of you. We are still sending you rumbly purrs to help with the sadness. Sen-Chan's tree looks like a very good place to go to remember him.

    His kitten picture is very special, as was he.


    Whicky, Angel, Oliver, Gerry & Mum

  17. We are glad to see you again Tom, Tama and #1. We love the rainbow at sen-chan's tree and indeed agree that he is looking after you still :)

    amigos and san

  18. Happy you are at home again

    ViVi & AB

  19. we are so happy to see you back on your blog again. I am glad #1 has come home, and Tom and Tama-chan, it will be your job to cuddle her and cheer her, as hoomans have a lot more trouble dealing with grief and loss than we do. Even just looking at the lovely lights by Sen-chan's fairy tree has made Meowmy go all leaky. purrs to you all,
    Louie, Fuzzy, Sylvie, Gingy (and Meowmy)

  20. This is a very sweet post, and love the tree and rainbow. Purrs still coming to you from all of us.

  21. We're all so pleased that #1 is home with you too Tommy and Tama-Chan, we felt that you all needed each other very much... What an incredible sight at Sen-Chan's Fairy Tree though, I'm sure he was reaching out to tell you he was all right where is now and that you can be assured that he'll be keeping a close eye on you all! ;)

    Isis feels it her duty to help Tama-Chan grow up into a fine young ladycat and as such will be inviting her to Miss Peach's 16th Birthday tea party soon I gather... I'm sure she'll also want to have a girlycat talk to her at some point. In the meantime I shall get lots of rest as being an Uncle is a demanding job!


    PS: #1 if you ever feel a need for some more sorrel furs for your clothing, please remember you're always welcome here for a visit! :)

  22. That picture of light coming down by the tree is so magical. I love that picture of baby Sen-Chan.

  23. Happy to hear from you again..And what a wonderful picture of Sen Chan! I know he will send you lots of rainbows ..just wait and see...Purrfect spot..this Fairy tree!
    Dear you are the MAN in the house..;)

  24. We are glad you are back ! We missed you too!
    We love the story with the fairy tree and the magical lights!

    Luna Luzie and Olli

  25. The picture of the tree is wonderful. We know Sen-Chan is watching over you. That is a wonderful picture of baby Sen-Chan made our eyes leaky again.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  26. He was a sweet little cat, I like that you consider him your shooting star.

  27. Very very beautiful shiny view~!
    Just like the angel shining their light for us~!
    We will always miss Sen Chan~!
    This deeply miss is light warm light.

  28. I'm glad that you're blogging again and that #1 has returned home to the two of you. I really loved that photo of Sen-Chan's fairy tree. I think it's beautiful that besides the wonderful memories you have of him that you have his tree as a daily remainder of the love and joy he brought to your family.

  29. We missed you. Sen-Chan's Fairy Tree is a perfect image to remind us what a magical effect Sen-Chan has on us all. Those are lovely pictures of all of you.

  30. Oh I am really relieved #1 came back. My mom is tearing again.
    Tom kun and Tama chan! ITSUMADEMO NAKAYOKU GENKIDE!

  31. So glad to have you back, Tom, Tama-Chan and #1. That fairy tree is so beautiful and we know Sen_Chan is watching you from it's glorious branches. The PM's family has a huge pine tree at their cottage that holds the same magic. They pat it and talk to it whenever they walk by.

    Such a comforting thought.

    The PM is all leaky now. You three take care of yourselves and love each other.

    Purrs Goldie, Shade and Banshee


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