Thursday, 19 January 2017

Terrific Thursday!

Genji: Mee-YOW, everyone! Da Genj here! Guess what? #1 was supposed to come back yesterday evening and she in fact rolled in at about 1pm! Isn't that amazing! Her meetings finished early and she came straight back to us. Here I am, reaching out, wanting attention, snuggles, LOVE!

And in the evening, Tama-Chan and I got to play laser pointer. Can you see the red dot? It's just above my left ear!

On Tuesday night, when #1 was away, I slept with Mr. G (and so did Sei-Chan!), but it's better to have #1 here. It's pretty cold out at the moment, so we're all snuggling!

I wanted to show you one more photo. Do you think someone was watching me as I sat in that Hammick?


  1. The best part of our people going away is the homecoming!
    We bet Mr G enjoyed your company at night. Sei's company too :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. Does Bibi like that hammock too?

  3. # 1 is really good mommy ! and she really deserved your attention..MOL

    I only sleep with my pawrents. I never slept with other human. That's very new to me.
    You guys are really brave !

    For me, I'm too big for hammock =^x^=

  4. You sure look comfy in that hammick Genji. You all have a great day.

  5. Mr. G certainly had the Poupounette seal of approval if sweet Sei slept in bed with him. It's wonderful to have a sitter you can trust and love.
    Oh Genj, be careful! We see a pair ol lasers focused on you!

  6. Genji you are so cute. Looks like someone is waiting for you to vacate that hammock.

  7. She better get her butt home soon so you can do snuggles
    Lily & Edward

  8. WooHoo - #1 is so good to all of you. Glad she got back earlier than expected. We bet you all had a good snuggly night. And yes, as others have said, that first photo is awesome!!!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  9. Yay for #1 coming home earlier ! You look comfy in your hammick, Genji. Purrs

  10. The early homecoming was most wonderful and yes, you are being watched a bit!

  11. I think someone was not only watching you on the Hammick, but I think that someone wanted you off so they could take it over. Guard with your life!

  12. That is good news that #1 got home early to you. You had better be careful that those lasers don't singe your fur!

  13. Glad #1 came home early for snuggles and playtime.

  14. We're so glad #1 got home early and you got some playtime.

  15. Is it not wonderful that #1 came home early! So marvelous!
    Mes does NOT like to share my Mommy with the others when wes sleeping though. Yous guys is most generous!

  16. Woo Hoo Numburr #1 iss THEE BESTEST Mumma EFURR!!
    She luvss all of youss; so-o much Genji.....
    Mee wunderss if yur her favorite???
    An mee spotted thee lazer dot quiklee. Mee iss a lazer player all so.
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxx


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