Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Tama's Thankful Tuesday

Tama-Chan: So, yesterday was the big day. #1, Tommy and I set off early  afternoon for the almost two hour drive to the VetRef facility near Angers where I was booked in for an electrocardiography.

I sat patiently in my carrier, waiting to leave:

When we got there, #1 held me close and told me not to worry:

A young intern came in first and took my details and examined me before the radiology specialist came in. He took one look at me and said "Oh she is SO beautiful" and then told #1 that he has two Somalis, showing her pics on his phone! He picked me up and covered me in kisses! It sure was an unusual vet visit!

As the intern held me, he shaved off tiny squares under my front armpits:

And then turned out the lights to do the actual exam:

Look how beautiful my heart looked:

And it WAS beautiful1 He did not detect any abnormalities in function or thickening or arrhythmia. Nothing! I have a great heart! #1 was so thrilled! Here we are, with Tommy too, waiting to get the full report:

Dr. C called #1 after we got home. She says she is pleased but also stumped as she just doesn't know what has been making me cough. She said if I were a dog, she would tell #1 to take me to the South of France to see if a different environment would clear it up, but I guess that's not really possible. So, #1 will be talking to her on Thursday, after she has reviewed all the images and info, to decide how to proceed. In the meantime, #1 has given me five gold stars!

And in case you didn't get it earlier...



  1. WooHoo! That is pawsome news!
    Maybe whatever makes you cough is not too serious.
    Could it be specks of duct or something?
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. I'm so glad your heart checked out fine, Tama! I think a trip to the south of France sounds heavenly... but I guess you prefer being a stay-at-home girl! I hope they figure out what to do to make you feel better soon.

  3. Tears of joy here. We are so happy and so relieved, dear Tama, to know your heart is fine! And wasn't it lovely of the intern to comment on your beauty and give you kisses. He obviously sees his patients as individuals rather than just cases to be diagnosed.
    A trip may help discover the cause of your cough without further testing.

  4. That is so exciting that you are all right Tama. Wonderful news.

  5. We are delighted to hear that your heart is doing fine Tama. Just spend a little time having a snooze and you may end up running around #1's garden with Tommy showing his wonderful flying ears!

  6. That is the most wonderful news, happy dance! I hope you get the cough figured out soon.


  7. That is great news, Tama! We hope the vet figures out what is making you cough and that the problem is easily remedied! Esme was coughing and our vet was stumped but after various tests/steroid shots, antibiotics/x-rays etc. we finally now know what is wrong. Unfortunately, it is not good news.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. Of course everyone would admire your beauty, Tama-Chan :-) How nice you got kisses from the intern! I'm so glad your heart is good!

  9. We're so glad to hear your heart is purrfect! Paws crossed the cough goes away soon.

  10. What fantastic news. We are so happy everything went well
    Lily & Edward

  11. that is great news Tama - and we hope they can figure out the cough

  12. Woohoo ! Pawsome news ! We hope they find why you're still coughing. Purrs

  13. That is wonderful news, Tama.

  14. Oh my mouses! You are beautiful both on the inside and out. PURRS.

  15. We are SO glad you got a good report, Tama!

  16. That is really wonderful news to hear about your excellent heart!!! That must have been music to #1's ears. Now to figure out what is causing the cough. Maybe it is allergy and has something to do with all the dampness you have been having.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  17. If it has just been happening during the winter, maybe you don't have enough fresh air in the house. Extra dust and stuff that is making just you cough?

  18. Woo Hoo! We're so happy to hear your heart is fine. We sure hope the vet can figure out why you are coughing.

  19. That is GREAT news!!!! I hope that the vet has some ideas about your coughing when she calls.

    I was able to load your blog - so I guess that the problem is fixed!

  20. Tama! That is the bestest news ever!!! Mes KNEW the power of the purrayers would works!! Mes doing my happy dance!!!

  21. Tama! I am exceedingly happy that your sweet and beautiful heart is perfect! Of course it is dear girl. I know #1 had to have been beyond worried about you. It had to have been a hard trip to make not knowing how you would be once there and what the test would would reveal. My mommy feels the same every time she has to get another of those to make sure she is still progressing after her surgery. So let me tell you also how fortunate you were to have someone who knows how beautiful and special you are! And showing off pictures made the scary moment easier. XXX

  22. Coucou Tama,
    Alors toi tu attends bien sagement dans ta boite de transport. Nous ici on ne veut pas y rentrer. Du coup ça fait rêver notre humaine de te voir comme ça.
    C'est bien que tu n'ai rien au coeur. Du coup tu as pris un traitement pour rien.
    Tu sais dans le Sud il y a aussi de l'humidité, de la pluie ou de la poussière.


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