Sunday, 29 January 2017

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Welcome to our weekly post of snuggles! We have had quite a good week in terms of getting in a  lot of snuggling. As you know, I love to snuggle with my Tommy:

And here are the two of us snuggling with #1:

I often snuggle in with #1 in the evenings:

As you also know, I am not the only Tommy fan! Sei-Chan is a Tommy snuggler too:

Here is Tommy getting an ear rub from #1:

Here is a cute one of Sei-Chan giving #1's hand a lick:

And they took this rather fun "ussie""


My Beebs goes undercover with #1 most nights:

Although sometimes they take turns with Da Genj:

This one, if you can't make it out, is my Beebs with Tommy:

When we had guests the other evening, Da Genj was big time into snuggling with Mr. H!

And Tommy was giving kisses to Ms. H!

 #1 managed a quick snuggle with the Big V:

No snuggles with Violette, but there is this rather nice shot of #1 with Violette's Mama, Hotesse. As you can see, #1 is getting licked big time!

 Remember to snuggle with your loved ones!

PS: May I also ask for some good thoughts tomorrow? #1 is taking me to a big veterinary imaging centre so they can see exactly what is going on with my heart. It is an almost two hour drive from here. We are all hoping I do well. I was coughing a bit again yesterday and Dr. C told #1 that, this way, it would be possible to get a more detailed diagnosis and so more targeted medication for me.



  1. What great snuggles today.

    We're commenting from our phone because for some reason we can only see your header and sidebar but not the posts on our computer. Don'tknow if it's a problem with your blog or not. The phone is using the same WiFi as the computer.

  2. I'm snuggling overtime with all the people attending the cat show this weekend! And I'm sending lots of purrs your way, Tama.

  3. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way for your appointment tomorrow Tama-Chan.

  4. Thanks for hosting snuggle day Tama-Chan! I'm sending all my positive energy your way. I love the picture of you and Tommy! It seems all the felines love to snuggle with Tommy. #1 too! Such cuteness! I think it's funny when the cats go under the covers to sleep at night. Soooo... snuggly! I love the picture of #1 and Hotesse the most! It's precious! Yeah!!!! It's Snuggle Sunday!

  5. My mum is still very busy, so I am passing by to send big purrs to you all!

  6. We love the last photo ! We send good thoughts and positive vibes for your appointment tomorrow, Tama. We hope everything goes well. Purrs

  7. I am sending purrs for a good vet visit, Vidock. You all are having good snuggles.
    I couldn't see your post again so I left it loading while I visited other blogs. It took 10-15 minutes but got there in the end.

  8. Our love and prayers are with you, sweetheart. We pray the doctors can find something they can easily treat and help you to be well again. Kisses and hug as from all of us.

  9. Oh snuggles! My favorite day of the week and they was exceptional. And tTama, yous is always in my purr ayers


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