Saturday, 7 January 2017

SEIturday somewhere...

Sei-Chan: We are late in posting today. #1 went off for a family lunch yesterday and was tired when she got back, and then she got up really late this morning. Also, as you know, we have had some very grey weather which has made taking photos really hard. Actually, there were some gorgeous sunpuddles yesterday, but she wasn't here! So, we 're talking zilch new photos of me from the past week. What to do? But... did you know that January is my birthday month? I was born on January 28, so that is still a little way away, but I thought I would make this my birthday month and so, when nothing newer is available, share some archive shots with you. Would that be OK? Let me start with photos taken when I was around a year old

I was pretty svelte in those days!

And here I am with the great love of my life, Yuu-Chan. I was so sad when he left for the Bridge.

Enjoying a wonderful sunpuddle:

And my wonderful Tommy:

I hope you enjoyed these archive shots. We will see what next SEIturday will bring.


  1. I love seeing these older photos of you, Sei! I'm so glad you shared them.

  2. Sei,
    And this year will be a very special birthday for you ! January 28 is Chinese New Year as well !
    Let's get exciting !!!!

  3. We enjoy seeing older photos too!
    Very lovely to see you and Yuu together. His life force is part of our universe now so he is with you always. .Chinese New Year and your birthday together! A big and very special celebration indeed!

  4. Happy Birthday Month Sei :)
    WE loved those archive pics especially the mirror image on the back of the couch and you and Yuu-Chan.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. Awww we just love to see pictures where you are snuggling. I so wish I had a pal to snuggle with. M is okay, but not the same as another furry kitty or doggie.

  6. We sure enjoyed those photos and they sure made us smile!

  7. it's great to watch your photos... it makes this icy cold saturday a little warmer...

  8. Coucou Sei,
    C'est triste d'avoir perdu un ami si jeune.
    C'est une bonne idée de fêter un mois d'anniversaire. Une super idée.
    Iounnou, l'abyssine d'avant Hisia était née comme toi un 28 Janvier.
    Quand il n'y a pas de photos nouvelles ce n'est pas grave, ça donne l'occasion de retourner un peu en arrière.

  9. We enjoyed watching your photos, they made us smile. Purrs

  10. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. We think it's a good idea to celebrate your birthday all month long.

  11. those are some great photos-looks like you are a wonderful group!

  12. Those are lovely photos from the archives. The sun puddle with synchronised tails is so sweet.
    My mum still hasn't got any photos either, so she is going to cheat tomorrow for my Sunday Selfie. She has dug out one of the first photos of me and Eric when we were 6 weeks old.

  13. Happy Birthday Month, Sei-Chan!!! We love that side by side sunpuddle shot of you with Yuu-Chan!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  14. Sei! yous is marvelous looking! And your pictures of your youth...yous absolutely STUNNING!!!

  15. I loved those shots! And your face...exquisite.


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