Sunday, 1 January 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR! A Snuggly Start

Tama-Chan: It is my role as Queen of this house to host the first post of the year and convey all our good wishes to all of you, Dear Friends, for a happy, healthy and snuggly Year of the Rooster.

It remains very cold here so we have been snugging up a storm, and wanted to share some of those pics with you as well:

 #1 with my Beebs:

My Beebs with Tommy:

Sei-Chan with a visiting friend:

#1 with Sei-Chan:

Da Genj snuggled up in bed with #1:

Another one of #1 with Da Genj:

Tommy and Da Genj with #1:

Tommy with one of our neighbours, Ms. C:

#1 with Violette:

#1 and The Big V:

 And last but not least, me snuggled up in a sunpuddle!


Summer said...

Happy 2017! I'm a little disappointed - no therapy visits this weekend, so I'll have to wait until Thursday to do any snuggling with patients.

Mickey's Musings said...

Happy New Year !
Snuggles are a pawsome way to welcome the new year :)
We wish you and your family lots of health,happiness,friendship and peace.
Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

Brian said...

Y'all are snuggle pros! Happy New Year from all of us at Brian's Home!

Millie and Walter said...

Happy New Year to all of you! There sure are lots of snuggles going around in your house.

Hisiableue said...

Tout ces câlins, une bonne façon de commencer l'année.
On vous souhaite une très bonne année toute remplie de câlins et aussi la santé pour tout le monde. Il y a eu assez de malades chez vous l'année dernière. Maintenant ça suffit !
Hisia, Loustiquette et Nat à Chat

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Here's to a pawsome and tailsome 2017!

We've kikhked off the year with a shot of our special new khalendar!

Merci BeauKHoup!

Khyra and Holly
(and Phyll makes three!)

The Swiss Cats said...

Happy suggling ! It's a wonderful way to start the new year ! Happy New Year ! We wish you health and happiness for 2017 ! Purrs

Flynn said...

You have all started in 2017 in the right way with all your snuggles. I hope it will be a good year for us all.

Tamago said...

Awww snuggling is the best way to start new year :-) I wish you all much health and happiness in 2017!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Cock-a-doodle do!!!! And a Happy New Year too!!!

Great snuggles. Mom said it was a good day for snuggles here because our first floor furnace wasn't/isn't working - been a problem for a month now!!! But we told her we just wanted to be outside in the cold, hoping for snow!!!

Woos - Lightning and Misty

Kimberly said...

Happy New Year everyone! I love all the snuggly photos. You did a great job hosting today, Tama-Chan! Everyone is so cozy and content. It's going to be a great, snuggly 2017 for you and the gang! Hope you all have a super, snuggly day!

Kari said...

Happy NewYear! The tribulations of '16 are behind us and now '17 stands full of wonderful possibilities. Here's to a happy, healthful and fulfilling year ahead.

The Island Cats said...

Those are some excellent snuggles to start the year off. Happy New Year to all of you!

KB Bear said...

Happy 2017! Keep on snuggling! Your friends - KB, Shyla, and R

LP said...

Happy New Year to all of you from all of us! We hope 2017 brings you the best life has to offer!

You all look very festive in your holiday harnesses and collars. Tommy, Wilhelmina thinks you look especially sweet in the photo with Ms. C! And she also really likes your collar and would like to know where you got it! She claims a girl can never have too many collars!;p

the critters in the cottage xo

Nellie Kowalik said...

+Gosh! What a great start to the New Year! Cuddling!!! And WONDERFUL cuddling too!!!
Many Kisses
Nellie Bellie