Saturday, 30 May 2015

Somewhat Sheepish SEIturday...

Sei-Chan: Ummmmm... where to start????? Did you read the bit in yesterday's post about me and Genji going to Dr. C's for our boosters? Well..... Genji went.... As for me, it's a little complicated. You see I really, really, really didn't want to go, so I gave #1 the runaround the house for half an hour. At one point, she actually caught me and was about to stuff me in the carrier, and..... I DIDN'T MEAN TO HURT YOU, #1!!!!!!

There was a lot of blood and she finally gave up and left with just Genji and Tommy. The guest room looks like it's been hit by a tornado after her attempts to catch me. And she says that she will get me one of these days. Do you think she really means it?

I do feel a little bit bad because she made such an effort to take some nice photos of me this week. Here are a few.


Guarding Tommy's bed:


Do you think #1 will still give me my special cuddles? Needless to say, that Genji is walking around with a "holier than thou" look on his face...


  1. Of course you will get many cuddles. We think you will get more than many for being a The Great Cat Defender against Vets. You are our hero.

  2. Dang, that was some serious not wanting to go!

  3. We believe you will get snuggles when you are ready.
    However,we suspect you will not want to get close to #1
    in case she seizes the opportunity to grab you!
    Treasure is a lot like that ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. Sei, you always look so calm and placid - I had no idea you could whip yourself into such a frenzy! :-(

  5. Beneath that serene, sweet exterior lies the heart of a tiger! Is there a vet who will make a house call?

  6. Sei -Chan I know you are sorry. Show #1 that and she has already forgiven you.

  7. Coucou Sei,
    Les autres elles ne viennent plus trop ici. Elles ont décidé que comme vous ne venez plus trop chez nous et bien elles font pareil. C'est vrai que ça prend du temps de bloguer.
    Mais moi je tenais à passer ici aujourd'hui parce que c'est ton jour.
    Il ne faut pas te mettre dans des états pareils à cause du véto. Moi je n'aime pas ça et je deviens méchante quand je suis là bas. Mais il faut y passer une fois par an.
    Sinon une seule solution, il faut faire venir un véto chez toi.
    Remets toi de tes émotions et profites bien du soleil.

  8. OH MY!!!! We never imagined you could (would) put up such a fight with #1, Sei-Chan...we expect you will get plenty of cuddles though, these things happen and peeps are pretty good about the forgiving thing--'specially since you are so lovely!

  9. Oh I know you didn't mean to hurt #1 and she knows it! Don't worry, Sei-chan, she will give you special cuddles as always :-)

  10. Poor #1! But, truth be told, mes has slashed my Mommy's face pretty good.

  11. Your mum still loves you. She may not be too happy with you at the moment. Hope she heals up fast.

  12. Oh my, that was a serious NO-NO-NO-I-DON'T-WANNA-GO ! #1 still loves you, you know, and she didn't want to scare you at the point you believed you had to fight for your life : but you have to go to the evil vet, it's for your own good (OMC, we cannot believe that we just wrote it !) even if you hate it. Better scratch the vet instead of your mom ! Purrs

  13. Oh no!!!! Please try to make it up to #1. I bet she got a lot about what happened to her!


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