Sunday, 31 May 2015

Snuggles on Sunday (Get them whilst you can!)

Tama-Chan: Yes, we do have an SoS post this week but it is also an SOS post. Help!!!!! You see, that fickle and untrustworthy #1 is about to abandon us again. We are resigned but miffed and deeply displeased, which is as it should be. We have a nice couple, Mr. B and Ms. B, arriving from Australia on Tuesday to look after us. We have great expectations of them.

So, let us get back to the important matter of snuggles. I think some of you saw yesterday's question from sei-Chan about whether there would be any more cuddles for her from #1 following her tigress performance on Friday. Well, take a look at these:

Clearly, she doesn't need to worry about anything... Of course, she always has her Tommy, too, right?

I have mentioned in the past just how soppy that boy Beebs is when it comes to his #1...

Of course, Genji isn't exactly far behind:

As for me, here I am sharing #1's desk chair and getting scritches:

A rather sweet shot of Tommy snugging with one of his toys:

And here is this week's selfie of #1 and Violette:

No snuggle pics with the Big V this week but he says you are welcome to kiss the pink spot:


  1. I must say, my time at BlogPaws was taken up by LOADS of snuggling! I had to lend a paw to everybody who was missing their kitties. I didn't mind, actually!

  2. LOOK at all of you. SO snuggly and sweet and that's not just mom and me saying it. We mean it. xxoo

  3. We just knew there wouldn't be any problems in the snuggle department for Sei-Chan. #1 is too kind to hold a grudge:) Happy Snuggle Sunday to all!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. Y'all always have some wonderful snuggles!

  5. You all get the best snuggle time. I hope #1 isn't away for too long.

  6. Awww... We knew Sei-Chan would be forgiven ! Kiss from Mum on your lovely rose spot, Vidock ! Purrs

  7. Mes hopes The Bs is wonderful sitters! And mes LOVES the snuggly snuggles!

  8. We're glad to hear #1 made up with the Tigress.

  9. You all will have to make sure to teach
    Mr B and Ms B the fine art of snuggling when #1 goes away.
    They won't be the same, but they will be snuggles!

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  10. Genji, I see you like to sit on #1 like I sit on mum. I was doing that a lot today to stay warm, it was cool here.

  11. We always enjoy SoS. We knew Sei-Chan would get all the snuggles she wants and more. Who can resist her? You are all such experts at snuggling and in no time at all Mr and Ms B will have to get in with the programme.

  12. Oh goodness! We hope B & B give you all loads of snuggles and don't rearrange the house!


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