Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Did any of the boys happen to mention yesterday that #1 came home one whole hour later than she had promised on Sunday! She says it was not her fault and the show that was supposed to be two hours lasted more than three. We were not pleased, and Tommy refused to have his supper until she got home.

Anyway, I am glad to be back on regular schedule and I hope I have enough photos to keep you amused this week. I have been slacking off a bit on the dangle practice lately, so here is the only photo I can offer in that category:

Yesterday, my Beebs showed you a photo of me supervising his mealtime. Like all mothers, I also have to clean up after him, so here I am, finishing up his leftovers:

Don't worry, though! I have still been getting in my bit of fun. Here I am on lizard watch:

And here I am doing a little light supervising at the study window:

Today, #1 is taking both my Beebs and Sei-Chan to Dr. C's for their shots. Wish her luck, as its the first time she has attempted to take two of us at the same time.

Update: #1 here. well, my Beebs did indeed go and get his shots and was deemed to be perfect in every way by Dr. C. That little Minx, Sei-Chan, however went into hiding and despite all her best efforts, #1 could not locate her. So, another appointment will have to be made. 


  1. #1 will have to report back as soon as Bibi and Sei are back from getting their shots - I will want to know how it went! A couple of times my human took all three of us for check ups and that was quite an adventure!

  2. Good luck #1 ! Yearly shot is in the air for me in one or two weeks... Purrs, Zorro

  3. TAMA! The redoubtable (I am awestruck by your mastery of this position) Face Plant Dangle! You have achieved the pinnacle of Dangleness!

  4. We are glad that Beebs did well. It's no fun being at the vet. That is a marvelous dangle Tama.

  5. Sei-Chan you are silly - the car ride is far nastier than having the shots although not as bad as the temperature taking as even the thought of that makes our eyes water!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Good job Sei Chan. You must have found a good hiding place
    Lily & Edward

  7. Ditto for what Katie Isabella said! Superb form. The last time our mom took in Wilbur and Louie at the same time [to the vet]. she put them in the same PTU and they were so heavy they almost busted out the floor. Very hard to round up 2 kittehs at once - our condolences to #1.

  8. pssst! Maui here...is it safe for Sei-Chan to go back home yet?

  9. Three cheers for Sei-Chan! We have tried that disaapearing act, but have never pulled it off! MOL

  10. He he , weel done Sei-Chan that maneged to hide so good :)


  11. MOL! Hiding is just as good as dangling!

  12. you are so lovely Tama...

    good job Sei - hiding to avoid the v-e-t :)

  13. En fait tu es tout à fait serviable Tama, tu nettoies la vaisselle. Et puis il ne faut pas laisser la nourriture se perdre. Je fais comme toi. D'ailleurs je nettoie toute la vaisselle qui traine !
    Sei-Chan ... bravo. Tu es très douée. Il faudra que tu me donnes des conseils. Moi je ne veux plus aller chez les dames en vert. Je les ai beaucoup trop vues l'année dernière !

  14. Well done Sei-Chan! Hiding never seems to work for me.
    Very nice dangle Tama.

  15. Hmmm, so was that payback time for the late return on the part of Sei-Chan - or did she know what was to come if she appeared?

    Great lizard watch shot!

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. Tama you are so very busy aren't you my dear! Wonderful pictures of you my dear!
    Marty and Mom


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