Saturday, 5 April 2014

Supervisory SEIturday

Sei-Chan: Well, Dear Friends. #1 appears to be all mended. The past few days, she has been cutting and hauling wood as though she lived in some frontier! Actually, the imbeciles who manage the fields around our house (the self-same imbeciles who "raised" Violette) decided to trim all the hedges. Now hedges should be trimmed in the winter, when the vegetation is dormant, and not in the spring when everything has burst into bud or bloom, but these guys just did an indiscriminate hatchet job on everything with a big machine. #1 says it's really awful. A lot of the trees that are down are wild cherries. She knows their M.O. so is guessing they will leave the mess for a while and then burn everything in a big pile. So, she's been going in there and getting out what pieces she can. She could really have used one of the big Vs! It's hard work logging. Here is a photo of Tommy with the stash from the last two days:

Now, back to me. #1 also cleaned out her desk (or tried to) and the kitty space between the keyboard and screen, complete with Boogie Mat, has become available once again. It is perfect for interfering with her work supervising!

There is of course also the prime supervisory position atop  the desk:

So much supervising, so little time!

Have a great SEIturday!


  1. I totally get it, Sei - how can a kitty supervise and get enough nap time in? There just aren't enough hours in the day!

  2. THAT is a lot of work for #1 to do in such a shirt time as well. She's lucky you're there to make sure everything is ok.

  3. Take a nap Sei-Chan we understand how tiring snoopervising is!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Tu es chef superviseur Sei-Chan !

    Le nombre d'imbéciles qui n'ont pas encore compris qu'on ne taille pas des arbres en sèvre !
    J'ai une voisine qui est un peu comme ça.
    Je vois qu'il n'y a pas que moi qui fait de la récup de bois !
    Bonne soirée.
    Nat à Chat

  5. I hate it when they just hack the trees down like that. Near us there is a road full of trees and they just go along with a machine and hack them down. It is awful and looks awful too. Glad you are feeling better now. great snoopervising going on there too.

  6. Good snoopervizing job, Sei ! You deserve a nap, and so does #1 too ! What a hard work she did ! Purrs, Zorro

  7. It is such a pity to chop down trees for no good reason. You are doing a good job snoopervising Sei.

  8. argh! Mommy says a POX on stupid neighbors!!! At least #1 will have some nice cherry wood for the fire next winter.

    Miss Sei, Felix says you and he should write a book about office snoopervision...he works his paws to the BONE, keeping Daddy in line.

  9. Y'all really shouldn't work too hard!!! Get some snoozy time in!

  10. OMC I am so sorry My Sweet Sei-Chan! My comment didn't post :( I had commented on you and Marty liking to be in the same spot Snoopervising and your very nice basket. I will be more diligent on checking that my comments post before closing my computer. My humblest apologies.
    Marty's Mom


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