Monday, 21 April 2014

Manly Monday

Da Beebs: #1 would like to thank everyone for their kind wishes. Her GP friend stopped by yesterday and we are hoping it is just a hard knock that will get better quickly. In the meantime, it is a little hard for her to type much, so today's MM post will be just one photo of each of us boys!

I will go first with this fun photo of me in the cat run:

And here is Da Genj, checking out some of the plant life in the jungle!

Here is Tommy, enjoying yet anther pizza outing with #1:

And the is The Big V, hard at work with Mr. E again, but this time in a heavy shower!

Please don't forget to stop by tomorrow as we have something to celebrate. #1 had fortunately already prepared that post, so it's all ready to go!


  1. You are all looking awesome today! Paws crossed that #1's wrist gets better fast!

  2. You all look mighty fine today !
    LOVE the Pizza photo on Tommy :)


  3. Purrs for #1's wrist.
    We like the manly outdoor shots :)
    We also like Tommy getting pizza ;)
    See ya tomorrow.

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  4. Pizza is san's favourite food. We only like tuna and chicken. Love GENJI in the cat run.

  5. Tommy, that photo of you with the pizza is all about the eyes! Your eyes say it all! :)

    Vidock...such a hard worker you are!

    Hope #1's wrist heals quickly!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  6. Y'all got the mighty fine going on!

  7. good looking mancats - we love your catio. and so jealous about the pizza. as for Vidock, we kinda feel sorry for the guy on the tire between the sand and the rain :)

  8. So sorry about #1's wrist -- hope it is feeling better. I am very impressed with the wilds of the cat run -- what better way for kitties to spend time? Tommy -- Annie and Sam love pizza too. You look very enthusiastic about it! Vidock is very handsome and looks like he's having fun, even in the rain. Horses don't seem to mind it like we do!

  9. Look at Big V go! Woo hoo! Purring for #1's wrist, hoping it's just a big bang. MOL

  10. Genji, Bibi, le côté chat sauvage vous va très bien.
    Tommy par contre là tu as .... un côté sauvage mais ça manque de manière. Demande aux Chans de t'expliquer qu'il faut avoir l'air de manger avec délicatesse !
    Plein de ronrons

  11. You are looking good . Hope that knock gets better soon
    Lily & Edward

  12. Oh my goodness look at Vidock! He's so handsome!! I am so behind on reading blogs. I need to get caught up and see what is going on. I didn't know he'd started training hehe. Sorry for being absent!

  13. That is a great photo of Da Beebs in the run. Tommy, I can see you are loving that pizza. Hope #1's wrist is soon operational again.

  14. Yikes! Not another injury for #1 - hope it is just a sprain and not one of those insidious breaks Mom is all too familiar with! All paws crossed for good healing.

    Tommy, you make us all drool for some pizza too:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. Those are some crazy pizza eyes Tommy! BOL! Mr. E is a dedicated teacher to work in the pouring rain.

  16. Four, count them, FOUR, Manly Monday fellas! You guys a gorgeous Hope #1's paw is better soon.

    Lizzie & 2 kitties

  17. We iz purrin n purrayin fer #1 frum Canada!!! Get bettur soon #1...we wuud bee lsot wifout ya!
    Beebz n Genji ya are beeuteefull kittehz n Tommy ya made me n Mum laff wif da wild piza eyez, MOL!!!
    Furinallee Vidock ya iz so stuflee n hansum me iz swoonin lookin at yer piccie....
    Lub to all frum me Nylablue n Sherriellen Mumm xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  18. I think I'm caught up on everything I missed! I figured out what happened. After the Google reader closed down and I switched to a new program for tracking blogs yours somehow got lost in the mix!!! No worries though because I added it back in so I'll try to keep up better from now on. :D

  19. Oh Tommy! How lucky you got pizza!

  20. Hope #1's wrist feels better soon!
    p.s. It looks like Mr. E needs a dust mask or something the way Vidock makes that dirt fly!

  21. Oh oh, a celebration tomorrow ? A pawty ? Another birthday ? Can't wait ! I hope #1 feels better with her injured wrist ! Purrs

  22. Wow Big V, you didn't mind the rain at ALL. (much less dust this time, we noticed - MOL!)


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