Sunday, 11 August 2013

Super Sensational Snuggles on Sunday!

Tom: I know it is normally my sister, Tama-Chan, who hosts Sundays but today, I am sharing it with her as I have a bunch of photos to share with you of snuggles with my woofie family. So, here goes:

Firstly, here I am enjoying a wondrous sight: My Mummy and my Daddy having a nap!

Hanging out with my Mummy, Minnie:

Asking my Daddy, Joe, for advice:

My sister Elsie and my niece Emily sharing a cuddle:

Me getting a snuggle from #1:

Me and my niece, Emily, snuggling with #1:

#1 snuggling with sweet kitty, Suzie:

And do you remember the beautiful Percheron mare, Suzette, whom we helped to rescue late last year? She lives very near here, so #1 and I went to give her a big cuddle!

And now, I shall pass the keyboard over to Tama-Chan.

Tama-Chan: This is a long post but, as everyone knows there is no such thing as too much snuggling, right? Let us start with this nice scene of #1 finding herself sandwiched between Sei-Chan and my Beebs on awakening one morning...

And here she is again, having a special snuggle with that troublemaker Beebs of mine:

And having a big cuddle with that tart, Genji...

Just look at that Genji with Tommy!

We girls (myself and Sei-Chan) are a lot more dignified...

Now, #1 has also had to catch up on snuggle with the Vs. Here she is first with Violette:

Yes, that is a genuine "Violette" T-Shirt, courtesy of Zazzle!

And also with Big V, Vidock!

#1 and Tommy are coming back to us this evening. We can't wait! #1 has promised not to anywhere for at least four weeks. I know that's not that long, but we take what we can get... Happy Snuggly Sunday, Everyone!


  1. I agree with you Tama-Chan there are not such thing as to much snuggles !

  2. We never have too much snuggles. Nice pictures (as usual :-) ). Purrs

  3. Super snuggles today! Love your official Violette tee! Zazzle has always done a fine job with all that I've ordered from them.

    Have a super snuggly day, everybuddy!

  4. Tommy
    Tis was twooly the snuggliest Sunday fow yoow whole family. How wondewful that yoo wewe able to snuggle and get advice fwom yoow woofie family too
    Smoochie kisses

  5. You are right Tama-Chan, you can never have too many snuggles.
    It must be lots of fun for you Tommy to visit and play with your family.
    Vidock looks like a lovely big gentle giant.

  6. Maybe I should visit your estate to brush up on my snuggling skills. Momma says I am a bad snuggler. I think having great role models like your mom and dad must help.


  7. Have an awesome snuggly Sunday!


  8. those definitely are some great snuggles! Happy Sunday!

  9. Snuggles are the bet! We can tell that you are so glad that #1 is home and snuggling all of you after her long trip.

  10. What lovely pictures of your family having snuggles Tommy. We love the picture of Genji and Tommy snuggling.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Que de chiens ..
    Moi je suis une fille, mais je fais comme toi Genji. Je fais des vrais câlins, pas des câlins timides. Je me colle, m'étale, je monte sur les épaules, je frotte ma tête contre le nez.
    Des gros ronrons.

  12. Great snuggles for sure. AND we bet there will be even more spectacular snuggling when #1 and Tommy return.

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. Meow those are magnificent cuddles all around. Wonderfur!

  14. Loving all the Woofie Snuggles! I just adore your family, Tommy.

    Gen-Chan is a tart?!!! lol!

    What a great Violette T-shirt! How wonderful!

    Lily, WA, USA

  15. I think having #1 home for four weeks is pretty amazing - she does travel a lot! My human is gone for a few days maybe four times a year - and that is more than enough!

  16. That's a lot of snuggling! I would love to wake up being sandwiched by my boys, too :-)

  17. We love to see the snuggles. Glad #1 will be back with you soon.

  18. Yow Tommy ya get to see ne snuggle wif yer poochie Mum n Dad n sister n Niece??!!! Mousiez dat iz SO SPESHELL!!! me can not even bemember me Mum n Dad dat mafe me nor me siblingz altho me nose dere were sum....
    Sei Chan ya are so gorgeuss az usual n BiBi iz adorable...he iz a bit of a rascal yez? N Genji iz a cute..kinda flirty, MOL!!!
    Da horsez are all lookin so fine!! Suzette iz purrty n Mum swooned when she saw her piccuie!!

    Nose kissez to Violette n Vidock n LUB to ALL of ya frum me Nylablue n Mum Sherriellen.
    P.S.: We haz bin MIA again n we iz gonna try to catch up here wif ya all!!! ;)

  19. Good to know sweet Suzette is doing well. Mad, absolutely mad about your family photos, Tommy. We are kitty people , but just adore all of your beautiful, sweet faced family. Little Emily is an absolute treat!

    Genii is so adorable. Look at those little paws, holding onto his beloved #1 so she can't leave him again! He certainly loves #1 and he loves you, Tom.

  20. Well it looks as though your visit to Normandy went to the dogs!! Yup! We are sooo funny!

    We love your Violet t-shirt and Violet looks incredible these days!

    Wonderful that you were able to visit Suzette and that she looks well and happy!

    All those is good :)

    the critters in the cottage xo


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