Monday, 19 August 2013

Manly Monday

Tom: We did have a lovely Sunday. It rained quite a bit on and off during the day, but cleared up late evening, just in time for #1 and I to take our evening constitutional, so I was able to play ball to my heart's content!

Now for my first photo:

Yep, it's T-Shirt time again for Tommy! I have continued to worry the remains of the wound where my abscess was. #1 is trying a new wound salve from Canada which seems to be working very well (but should not be used on kitties), and she wants to make sure I don't get at it. Sigh...

Still, I can't really complain. I have been out and about quite a bit with #1, and wherever I go, I always find people to throw the ball for me! Apparently, it's my natural charm!

And my style remains as good as ever!

Da Beebs: Hey pals! Guess what? I caught myself a special kind of mouse!

And I have been indulging in some outdoor bathing:

And generally looking handsome and very manly...

Genji: Meee-Ow! I have also been enjoying the cat run:

Posing (in a manly fashion!) for #1:

And bathing in my sky hammock:

Vidock: Study Neighs, Everyone! Do you remember last week, when Violette was showing off her new head collar, I told you that I had one too but hadn't tried it on yet. Well, Ta Daaa....!

Pretty cool, don't you think? And #1 tells me I have a great smile!

I know you all like actions shots, so here's another one of me:

Oh, and we do have a guest appearance on Manly Monday today. This is Diego who is my Papa Orgueil and Mama Jessy's woofie:

Have a great week, Everyone!


  1. Oh everyone looks SO manly and shining and healthy and absoletely HANDSOME! Vidock, I have never seen you with a head collar like THAT one. Magnificent, just like you are.

  2. oops, absolutely! it, will ya? You embarrass me.

  3. That is too much manliness in one go for us - we'll have to go and take a nap.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Tommy, you really should leave that wound alone, otherwise you may have to go to the V-E-T!

  5. Beebs, it's great seeing you outside on the RIGHT side of the catio!

    Vidock, you look great in purple, too!

  6. wow - a VERY manly Monday. :) love the new collar. And Tommy....what can we say....

  7. I love seeing all you boys today!

  8. Air Tommy! Sir, you need to leave your owie ALONE! Not like we'd be able to...

    All you are exceedingly masculine today, and Vidock, we love your bling!

  9. Nat à Chat : ... Tee-shirt le retour ! Pas très drôle ça mais indispensable. Les plaies ça ne finit jamais complètement quand c'est léché. Hisia a toujours une rougeur sur la cicatrice de son ovariectomie .. qui date du mois de Février. Elle a continué à se lécher.
    Hisia : J'aime beaucoup les photos de toi Genji, surtout la deuxième. Tu pose sagement l'air sérieux.
    Des ronrons.

  10. Very manly post from all!!! Tommy, we hope that wound heals once and for all, must be a bother to #1 to have to keep thinking about how to fix you. Be a good boy and leave it alone. Phantom says he doesn't like shirts at all. Vidock - you have a purple headgear too - very handsome on you.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. You all look furry manly indeed this monday !

  12. Oh such handsomeness today!!!!
    Tommy, haz it!!!!
    Vidock, we love your halter and action shots!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  13. You are all looking very handsome.
    Vidock, I would have a race with you and Violette in my giant litter box but you may need to give me a head start. Your new head collar is very smart.

  14. Lots of man things getting done :)

  15. hope you boo boo clears up tommy. We so enjoy seeing the horsies run
    Benny & Lily

  16. Oh Tommy, you are the dearest dog! We hope you feel better soon. You are in our prayers, sweetheart. Looking good, Beebs. But then, when have you ever not looked good! Genji! This beautiful portrait is the very first one where we see less of your boyish charm and more of your mancatliness and sophistication. Mum has a tear in her eye seeing our baby grown up. Hello Diego love. Good to see you. XXX-000.

  17. P.S Vidock, you look so handsome in your purple collar. It goes just perfectly with your beautiful coloration.
    Purple, the color of royalty, you know.


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