Wednesday, 23 January 2013

White Wednesday

#1 here.We had rain and warmer temperatures yesterday, so the snow is almost all gone. We are back to mud until it cools down again later in the week. But we thought you might like a few more snow pics, including some of the Vs that were sent us by Ms. C:



And here is Tommy again:

And a few of our birdies, some of the stars of our Bird TV channel!

A Turle Dove

A Blackbird

Two Great Tits and a Blue Tit

a Chaffinch

We have a multitude of feeders in several different locations, and always make sure that our birds are well fed, which probably explains why they're all quite round!


  1. Vidock is looks extra handsome!!

    It's a Winter Wonderland where you live! And please, do NOT send it here! :)

  2. We hope Vidock and Violette don't get cold hooves - keep warm Tommy don't sit in the snow!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. We had a Tufted Titmouse trying to get in on Tuesday - Mom didn't get a chance to snag a pikh but she did get a pikh of Woody WP!


    PeeEssWoo: More Tommy! More Tommy!

  4. Here is it still cold so all the 5cm of snow is still here :)
    Furry nice of you to feed the birdies , we do that too.
    Have a pawsome wednesday !

  5. Horses in the snow always look so peaceful!


  6. Deewest ones
    I love youw snowy pictoowesHewe in the city thewe is none left, but I keep asking Mommi to take me up to the buda hills to go womp in all that lovely white stuff
    smoochie kissses

  7. Our cold is beginning to ease, but we still get lots of fevvers at the feeders. They need foods to stay warm and we get something fun to watch.

  8. Beautiful, we really enjoyed bird TV
    Benny & Lily

  9. Wow, you kitties get some awesome Bird TV!

  10. Wow, those are some might pretty birds. You all have some neat birds. Love the finch. Glad to hear that the snow is almost gone. Hope all of you have a great day.

  11. Brrrr !!! what da birdies are doing out there ? ...but they are cute ! and of course, YUMMY...tee...heh

  12. Great photos of the plumply dumply birds! Where is the partridge in a pear tree?! :p
    We have feeders wonderful to watch all those lovelies although we definitely don't get the variety you have this time of the year! Beautiful :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  13. I like your white Wednesday shots. Violette looks like she had a nice fuzzy winter coat now.


  14. Love the photos!!!!
    Such beautiful winter view!!

  15. Vidock is such a beauty, and Tommy is so cute. I love your snow... and your birds.

    It was very funny when Vidock appeared on Bert's Blog the other day. It made me smile!

  16. Wonderful pics! Today we enjoyed to bald eagles in the field by our house. So majestic!

  17. The birdies are YUM! The birds that came to us are not as round. I know they would taste furry deliciousssss.
    san was pleased to see what a turtle dove looks like and so was I...hmmmmm
    We also liked Violette. She looks like a new horse and Vidock look purty cool. san wonders if Tommy feels cold at all.


  18. What beautiful birdies! We don't have any that look so nice as that around here.

  19. Those birds looks very yummy!
    (So does Vidock, Violette Tommy)


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