Thursday, 10 January 2013

Thankless Thursday?

Tom: Hi everyone. Well, it's not only still grey and rainy but the countryside has been covered in fog! The Christmas tree is still up!

Now, do you check your comment spam folder regularly? We do since we realised that, for some odious reason, our friend Bert's comments were all ending up there. Today's crop heavily featured cheap Louboutin shoes, which #1 considers an abomination (you must realise that her foot attire of greatest choice at the moment is Neoprene lined wellies). Interestingly enough, the other category that is heavily featured is prescription drugs, with Tramadol being the flavour du jour. Why interesting? Because it is also the standard recommended treatment for sciatica! But fear not, #1 has not succumbed to spam crap as she is well-stocked in proper pharmaceuticals, and she finally decided to start taking some yesterday. So, maybe we are a little Thankful at the diminished pain? Yes, we are. By the way, we just read on Wikipedia that the particular NSAID she is taking is standard use in horses. Are you surprised?

You can imagine that my fun runs in the fields have been rather curtailed between the cold/cough and sciatica, but she does manage to struggle out in the mornings when the pain is most under control and gives me a good Chuck-it session. I'll take what I can get!

By the way, there is talk of snow next week!


  1. Mom didn't check because we open for all. And in these day we got a lots of crappy comments ( sale stuff or link to porn ) we have to delete it every day.

    Talk of snow ? Can't wait to see. Tom
    Have a fun day

  2. I do check my spam and moderation folders daily. I am thoroughly thankful that I never get spam. I moderate comments after the first day and so I never get spam. Spammers usually go to older posts.

    Hooray for better living through science and feeling less pain!

    Have a purrfectly YAYful day, friends!

  3. We get notifikhations fur all the khomments plus we look each time we post -

    As fur the fog, we had it yesterday along with heavy frost - Mom khouldn't see The GKP fur a time as she headed in that direkhtion -


    What's that?


  4. I better check these out....thanks, my friend! I need more snow too!

  5. we check our spam sometimes - but good reminder

    and if you get snow, that tree is never coming down. :)

  6. Tom, did you REALLY just compare #1 to a horse ? Be careful or you'll be eating spam, hehehehe.

  7. Tommy, you are good to do all the running for #1. We are all glad for her sake that her pain is diminished.

    WE don't see anything wrong with being compared with horses. Just ask Vidock and Violette, they will tell you it is quite a compliment.

    We had a bunch of snow, but it's been too warm now for more. In fact, on Sunday it's going to reach almost 60F. Wow!

    Hope you're having a fantastic new year. Styx is; Ms. C wondered when we brought her home if she would have a tendency to want to go outside since she'd been living outside at the farm, but she has absolutely NO thoughts of going out THERE.

    Abby Normal, Stygia (Worm), & Styx

  8. Very glad you spotted our blog post! We put it up late last night and only getting around to doing some blogging and commenting now!

    Murray was really happy with the gifts - thanks again!

    Sorry to hear that #1 is under the weather - we hope she's feeling much better soon (although the thought of snow isn't good!).

    Snow is forecast here too for the weekend/Monday and it's the last thing we want at the moment. Only just starting to get back into some sort of a routine!

    We only took our tree down yesterday and the house seems very bare with it!

    SPAM - don't talk to us about it! We are plagued by it! We clear out our spam filter every day and the amount of comments is ever increasing! If the links are not to dubious meds it's dubious porn sites!

    Hope the sun shines tomorrow - even a little winter sunshine helps!

    best wishes from us all
    Clive & Co

  9. Snow?! When are the kitties getting their sun puddles back? I am glad to hear that #1 is doing something about her pain.

    I always check my spam folder, especially on Wordless Wednesdays - my spam filters are pretty harsh so it is not uncommon of them to kick real commenters there.

  10. We love snow Tommy, do you?!! It is usually accompanied by sunny skies, unlike RAIN!
    Hope your Mama feels better soon. Tell her not to throw any balls for you!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  11. It is so great to come and visit you guys today. Violette too, she is beyootiful.
    We hope your mum feels all better very soon. Sciatica can make you quite grumpy and frustrated after a while. We will purr for your mum Bonks and bronks

  12. there's LOTS and LOTS of snow here! we is going to post pikshurs on MONDAY of the wonderful pakage you sented us! we has been off our skjule because of Miles and his tooth surgery.

  13. We think those doctors like giving out pills. We think my Lily took that when she had back surgery
    Benny & Lily

  14. Oh my goodness, the spammers are working overtime on our blog lately! And a lot of them are getting through, so we're having to delete a lot and clean our spam folder. We also get the occasional friend in the spam folder, it surprises us because they don't always go there, just sometimes.. oh well.
    Have fun while you can! We hates snows around here, and I can't imagine it being fun to run in..

  15. I get lots of silly spam too. Glad it does not get on the blog.. I just love those pictures of Tommy.. HUgs GJ xx

  16. We check our spam folders but we rarely get them. Any one who tries to comment after 4 days has to go through comment moderation.

    Purrs that your mum feels better soonest.

  17. Wes checks our spam all the time! Mommy hates having clogged email clients. And Mommy does not use a chuck-it, too hard on her back. She just wacks the balls with a tennis racquet. The hairy slobbery sisters used to gets these wonderful rubber balls from Ikea, but now they uses racquet balls. And they looses quite a few in the snow! Luckily they shows up in the spring (so far this winter we has lost 10 balls!) Too much snow!

  18. We haven't gotten too much spam, but there were 3 suspicious comments when our mom had surgery. We do check cause The Island Cats were being directed to our spam. We have problems with friends' emails looking "suspicious" and winding up in the junk folder.

    We hope #1 continues to improve! We hope our good wishes and purrs have helped.

  19. Ouch, we just read about the sciatica. Many healing purrs!

  20. We weren't checking our spam folder regularly, but a couple of weeks ago we looked and found lots of comments from our pals The Island Cats! Wow! We immediately marked them as NOT spam and approved them for posting. Glad we looked since we love them. purrrrr.

    We only had a very few true spam comments in there. We moderate comments after 3 days and that seems to help.

    Love you Tommy!!!! Grete says hi!

    xoxo Cory

  21. Wordpress is doing a pretty good job with spam but for some reason, for some time now, it has also been grabbing our furriends comments from time to time! So we always check too!

    Thanks for visiting my bloggie and for your comment =^.^=

  22. Woofs Tommy, the cats are sending healing purrs to #1 being in pain is no fun.

    You looks like you is practically flying Tommy, in the last picture.

  23. Tommy, you look like you got in a few fun runs, even as wet as you got, hahameow!

    Teri laffed at the spam comments...word association at it's worst, hahameow! Teri is having some back problems herself and after 3 months of PT, no improvement in the numbness in her legs and feet. She is waiting (nervously) to see what the Dr is going to recommend next...


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