Thursday, 24 January 2013

Thankful Thursday

Tom: We have a lot of things to be thankful for today, and would like to start off with a rescue story which shows what can be done with social media and a lot of heart. #1 likes a page on FaceBook called Iron Gait Percherons. It's a rescue organisation in the States for all horses but principally Percherons. A little while ago she read a notice on the page saying that there was a horse that needed to be rescued in Virginia and transported to their location in Georgia. We happen to have very good friends in Virginia who have rescue Percherons, and so #1 contacted them, they contacted Iron Gait, #1 then sent an official note from the French Percheron Horse Society, and the transport was arranged! Over the weekend, Mr. O drove 2000km (1,250 miles) over 2 days to collect Snowman and take him to his new home.

It just goes to show what we can do if we try, even across the oceans! Much kudos to Mr. O, seen in this photo with a younger Vidock, in September 2011:

Their home is full of rescue animals of all sizes!

Genji: In other news, I am very grateful for our sky hammocks although, for some bizarre reason, #1 finds my use of them a little peculiar:. So here I am in one:

You can't see me? Well of course you can't see me! I, Genji the Shining Prince, sleep inside the hammock, not on it!!! I believe it's known as "cocooning".....

We got our stuff from Nip and Bones today, and Sei-Chan was very thankful to receive her new Beastie Band collar!

It has Chinese characters on it, and the one you can see is the one for happiness!

Tom: I am thankful that I can play with my ball again, now that the snow is gone. When there's snow, the ball tends to get lost...

And Tama-Chan is thankful that #1 cleared her desk somewhat so she can sit on the boogie mat in front of the Mac and supervise at eye level:


  1. What a wonderful rescue story! And social media has become a powerful thing, not to be underestimated! Hooray for Mr. O and for everybuddy who made this happy ending possible!

  2. Love the story about the Perchron getting rescued. That is terrific. Tommy, glad you are chasing your ball again. Good news. Hope all of you have a super day.

  3. Brilliant rescue story. It is so good that some people have such big hearts, and your #1 is one of them! Without her doing the old networking that may not have happened.
    We love hammocking Genji-style! Perhaos best not to let the ninjas know about it though....

  4. Good "call" by #1 and great that Mr.O could find the time to help :)
    Genji, Malou likes to cocoon too:)Sei-Chan your collar is lovely!
    Does #1 like her Mac? We are in the market to buy a new computer and are thinking of a Mac Desktop...

    the critters in the cottage xo

  5. I think I'd be afraid Genji falls thru the floor!

    I'm so glad you helped out Snowman. Sometimes it is just who you know that can help.


  6. We wish our snow had gone Tom but hopefully at the weekend it should be gone. We love your flying ears.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Tama Chan, *I* sit in front of OUR iMac too? I snoopervise all the times.

  8. Love love love the rescue story! Genji, we can't see you! MOL It's been freezy cold here so we've been doing that, too. There's no better way to nap.


  9. I am so glad that handsome Mr. Snowman got a good home! And I am really glad that Tommy can play fetch again!!

  10. what a wonderful rescue story!! it makes our hearts happy to hear these stories!

  11. We salute #1 and Mr. O for doing the extra bit to rescue the horse.

    Genji, that is one way to keep warm, get inside and be all covered up.

    Tommy, do you need yellow tennis balls so you can find them in the white snow?

  12. Thank God for happy endings!
    Snowman, we love that name. He looks like a lovely boy. Thank you from all of us to Mr. O. God bless both man and horse.

  13. We love stories with a happy ending! What a great thing to do, and driving all those miles! We think that kitty collar is pretty cool too. Oui Oui is our catcooner here and would approve of Genji's style. Not to mention all the shedded furs . . .

  14. Such great news about what Mr O did for Snowman!
    And Genji, mes thinks that hammock is something else!


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