Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tama's Thankful Thoughts on Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Firstly, I would like to thank our many, many friends who left sweet comments about Sei-Chan's birthday yesterday. It meant a lot to her, as did her mega-snuggle session with Tommy! She has a little birthday surprise for you but she will tell you about it herself come SEIturday.

I am informed by #1 that I am to be bundled off to Dr. C's later this week for my annual shots. This is not an experience I enjoy, but I also appreciate that it shows that #1 cares for us and wants us to be healthy, so I shall gird my loins, and hang on to my tail!

Now that the Christmas stuff is finally gone, the dining table is once again available for kitty lounging. That tart Genji likes to roll around on it, showing off his tummy, but I like a more demure pose:

Yesterday morning, we actually woke up to sunshine, blue skies and milder temperatures, so #1 gave me a real treat by serving up my breakfast as I like it best, al fresco!

Oh, and following the comments on the subject last week, #1 asked me to please post this photo, taking care to emphasise that the second mat was put in place before those comments!

Our last bit of thankfulness comes with paws still firmly crossed. We were all very worried over the last few days because we heard that our buddy in Prince Edward Island, Leo, was very sick. You may remember Leo from #1's blog posts of last summer. He is a Springer, like our Tommy:


Leo is young, goofy, sweet, and all-around adorable, and we were all so sad when we heard how sick he was, with blood in the lungs and virtually no platelet count. He was being taken care of at Atlantic Veterinary College (the big veterinary school) and even they suggested the kindest thing might be to help him to the Bridge. But Ms. K believed in her boy and today, he is home, his lung looking much better and his platelet count on its way back up rapidly. Hang in there, Leo! We're all rooting for you and want you to be 100% better soon!


  1. Tama-Chan, Good Luck for the VET !
    As long as Doctor don't say " F " ( FAT ) word. Everything will be Pawsome.
    Tip : Try to get into good weight before you go !

    Poor Leo, I send magic purrs to him straight away. I hope he get back to 100 % himself so soon.

  2. We are so relieved for Leo and hope he will be fighting fit again very soon.
    Good luck Tama-Chan - we had our annual torture earlier on this month so hopefully won't need to go to the stabby place again this year.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Paws are crossed for Leo. and for the impending vet visit. Like you say, it's to keep you well but even so, it's not nice! We hope you get sweet revenge somehow.

    And we are relieved about the radiator mats, hehehehe.

  4. Tama-Chan it´s furry good that #1 is taking you to the vet for your annual shot´s a blogging friend of our didn´t and her cat got the catcold and died :(
    Sunshine ?? We have almost forgot how that look´s like :(
    Today is raining the only good thing about that is that all the snow is disapearing :)
    Sending lot of (((purrs))) to your woffie friend <3

  5. Tama-chan you make a beautiful table centerpiece
    Have a fun day
    Benny & Lily

  6. We are very glad for your friend Leo! YEAH! And the Woman wants a centerpiece like you. As if she ever clears off that table enough or is even in the room so you'd want to be a centerpiece!

  7. Glad your friend Leo has rallied! Hooray! Those are all some mighty wonderful things to be thankful for!

  8. Yay for Leo! Hope everything goes well and quickly at the vet. Have a terrific day!

  9. Al fresco breakfast! Whoo, coolies!
    Purring for Leo, glad he's doing well and hope he continues to get better!

  10. Paws up for sunshine and dining al fresco! And I am glad to hear that Leo bounced back from such a dire prognosis - you know, we critters are way more resilient than humans are. I believe it is because we just let our bodies do what they need to, and don't obsess over it.

  11. Thank goodness Leo has pulled through, even if he is a woofie. It is warm here to day too, 56F. Cold and snow tomorrow. Be good at the VET Miss Tama.

  12. Please ask Sei-Chan to see mom's and my birthday greeting. We are s sorry to be a bit late.

    Dear Leo..keep getting better and better. We will purr and cross our paws for you. xoxox

  13. Allie: oooh Tama, I could not agree with you more - al fresco is THE way to dine!

    Purrs for Leo's continued recovery!!

  14. It must be very nice to dine alfresco. Good Luck Leo. You are on your way to getting better.

  15. Tama you are LOVELY and we hope that Leo gets well soon! And happy LATE birthday, Sei! MomKatt was sick the last two days so we didn't get to hear about this 'til today.


  16. Hi Tama! your spot on the radiator looks very toasty and I am so purrleased to learn that you got to dine alfresco! paw hugs, Savannah


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