Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Honestly, we give up! Yesterday, they issued warnings of fairly heavy snow (that's 5-10cm in these parts...) and Tommy got all excited, but we ended up with MORE RAIN! It seems the snow decided to skirt our area and head straight for Paree...

Anyway, back to more important business. I am happy to say that #1 did manage to get in a serious photo shoot with me and we both find the results quite pleasing. In fact. I am having a hard time picking a favourite!

Oh, and do you remember Vidock mentioning yesterday that #1 had been buying all kinds of stuff for him? Well, I decided to be a good big little sister and try out the new saddle pad for him:

I give it top rating. I know he will like it too!


  1. Saddle pads are always nice and comfy! We love the photo of you in your basket.


  2. Well, I chose a favorite! The closeup of you in the basket! No question!! Those eyes.... simply amazing!

    Have a lovely day!

  3. I can tell you that the 5-10 cm snow is here !
    I have been out for a 5 meter walk in it , then I ran home :)
    Furry nice pictures on you Tama-Chan !
    Very nice of you to try Vidock´s new saddle pad :)

  4. We like the second basket picture the best Tama-Chan. Will you ride side saddle?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. it has been warm here and we want more snow!!!

    we has our pikshurs up of all the wonderful stuff you sent!!

  6. Tama Chan, those are such good pictures of you. Wow. We like them all. You have such pretty furs. Hope you have a great day.

  7. Now that is really disappointing. Got to keep wishing for that snow
    Benny & Lily

  8. We choose....the basket closeup. Shows off your stunning eyes to purrfection!

    (still longing for that rain...)

  9. Oh look at how gorgeous you are! I am glad she took that photoshoot seriously!

  10. We haven't had much snow here either. Mom always like big snow storm then she wants things to get back to spring. Maybe snow will come. We still have the rest of this month and then February, which can be a cold snowy time.
    Thanks for coming over to help me celebrate my birthday and making my day extra special. Hope you had a good time.

  11. I love the portrait of you, Tama! You look like you are thinking deep thoughts.

  12. We have been getting a lit of rain to. Muddy mess around our house.

  13. I like the chikhken in the basket shot the best as well ;-)

    PeeEssWoo: Poor Tommy - why do those weather babblers tease us so?

  14. We think that last shot of you with your head over the basket is pretty fabulous sweetie!

    the critters in the cottatge xo

  15. I love that shot with you and your gorgeous eyes looking over the basket as my favorite.

    Vidock will love your choice I just know. xox

  16. Tama! Great shots of yous! That Saddle pad looks comfy. Does yous think that Vidock will likes it as much as yous!

  17. Do you get the TV program Animal Planet in France? There is a show called Too Cute: Kittens and one of the programs featured Abyssinian kittens. They were so adorable. Our mom has recorded the show and every time she sees it, she thinks of all of you!

  18. Tama Chan, yep, the second basket picture is our favorite....Tell Tommy that we are sorry you are not getting snow, I am afraid we are getting all yours.

    I think Vidock probably really appreciates you wearin in the saddle pad for him.

    Truth is, it looks pretty good under you. Maybe you should claim it.


  19. Tama-Chan, well they are ALL good but we like Photo No. 4 w/your head hanging out of the basket!

    You have a great Wed., my furriend! We've got depressing rain here too but I just regard it as a sleep aid. MOL


  20. The closeup of your face is especially beautiful =)
    You look so comfy in the last photo!


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