Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snowy Saturday!

Tom: It finally happened! We got some snow! This is what things looked like when #1 and I went out for our last walk at midnight:

And this morning!

There wasn't a lot but certainly enough to have some fun in!

And I brought some souvenirs home with me!

The Chans also went into the run to explore. Tama was first:

Genji was the bravest!

Even Sei-Chan ventured out into it:


Mr. SleepyBeebs was still in bed! He did go out and explore once he got up:

We even have some photos of the Vs in snow, courtesy of Ms. C!

Vidock with his "snack"

Violette on the right, looking at the camera

And, by the way, #1 and I did get out to see the Vs before the snow yesterday morning!


  1. *SIGH!*

    Isn't is just the best?!?


  2. We have more snow now - it came over night and we are staying inside. Mum has been out on foot into the village for some things but we kept our paws warm at home. We laughed at Tommy's souvenirs and hope his paws aren't too cold.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Oh my...everyone must have cold cold feets!!! But everyone looks happy. Makes me smile my kitty smile.

  4. it does LOOK lovely.....just enough to cover but not quite enough to screw life up too much

  5. Oh Tommy, looks like you had a good time in the snow. I bet the kitties didn't stay out long in the cold. Makes us cold just seeing you out there. Take care.

  6. We are disappointed in the feline tippy toeing in that snow! Surely a snowball fight at the very least
    ? We had about 10cm overnight here - Äiti was moaning about the snow work.

  7. Isn't the snow so much fun Tommy? Did you do some snow zoomies? We don't have much now, but are supposed to get a bunch all week.


  8. Furry nice souvenirs you brought inside , Tommy :)
    Happy weekend to you !

  9. Mowzers, it's interesting stuff to sniff for a moment or two then *zip!* back in the warm cozy and DRY house!

  10. A little bit of snow is great. We especially like how all the sounds seem to be muffled and the glittering of sunlight...
    Great pile of foods you got there, Vidock! Mom was thinking that if our little garden was be closer to your place she'd really like your poo to build up our soil with it. Mom is weird.

  11. Wow! Look at what you brought in. I do not think I would like going out in that. It looks cold. We have freezing fog, but our snow is mostly gone from the roofs of the houses.

  12. Brrr! Looks cold to me! But then, I am a sun-worshipping Southern California kitty!

  13. You all are such a hardy bunch. I went in the snow on the patio only one time and couldn't get back in the house quick enough. he he - guess I'm a big wuss

  14. Snow! ICK! If you ladycats need some warming up, you just say the word...

  15. We have very little snow here, but are going to get really cold temperatures for the next few days. We would not want to go out in the snow, no way.

  16. Playing in the snow is not my bag. Kozmo and the Hairy Slobbery sisters likes to though. Me HATES when they comes in from outside with snow on their toes and walks all over around where me is sleeping!!! Brrrrr!!!

  17. Snow stopped here, but it's now very very cold !


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