Saturday, 12 January 2013


Sei-Chan: We had a little bit of sunshine yesterday. We really did! #1 whipped out her camera and clicked away. But it did not last long and it is once again pouring with rain. It seems that real winter is just around the corner and the forecast is for snow from next Wednesday to next Sunday! This morning, we had our oil tank filled to the brim, and we have lots of wood for the fireplace. Now, #1 just needs to get a few more supplies and we will be ready to hunker down and snuggle! I am so happy she is not going anywhere this weekend, other than to visit the Vs.

Here I am, supervising #1 from the cozy mat on the upper shelf above her desk:

And in my favourite spot on the cat tree in the kitchen. You may notice that I am still wearing my Christmas collar. #1 has ordered some more Beastie Bands from Nip and Bones. She says my new one will have hearts all over it!

I shall leave you with #1's favourite of me this week. Here I am first thing in the morning, snuggled up to #1 in bed:

Have a great SEIturday, everyone!


  1. We finally had a touch of sun yesterday too. Not enough, but a little is way better than none!

    Have a lovely SEIturday!!

  2. This sounds like the most wonderful Seiturday possible. And we have got sunshine here right now - it is not visible from the catio but we can see sunpuddles on the snow about 100m away! And it means the sun is getting higher above the trees.
    We hope the snow is not too chilly (but if you can, go for a 'visit' in it - it is truly invigorating). And keep nice and warm, and help #1's sciatica heal up. bed rest is perhaps the best. For both of you!

  3. I think woo've been channeling my snuggle style!


    PeeEssWoo: Hey Tommy! Please do some spongin' fur me! Paws khrossed fur that SNOW!!!

  4. Oh you look absolutely luxurious lying there. #1 is fortunate to have your beautiful self there to grace her bed. XX

  5. We got a brief glimpse of the sun yesterday. Sure hope we has some sunshine today overcast skies and rain sure are gloomy.

    No snow here it is hot and muggy. Some of our Spring flowers are confused and blooming.

  6. Bed is the best place in this cold weather Sei-Chan - it is still below freezing here and probably won't do today or tomorrow with snow to follow on Tuesday. Roll on summer.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. That last picture is really a good one. Looks like he caught his tail. But all the pictures are good. Glad the sun came out for a little while.Have a great day.

  8. I love to snuggle in bed with my mom and dad in the morning too. You look so happy there.


  9. Concatulations pals, you've won The Next Big Thing Award. You can collect it here:
    Loupi on Mum's account

  10. I can see why its a favourite because its lovely. we too are forcast snow and its allready getting mighty cold.. Hugs GJ xx

  11. We have cold crisp weather here! You know, you all can come over any time and enjoy our Catio sunpuddles...bring #1 along too, and a bottle of wine!

  12. Hope you get all snuggled in!

    Erika, Blair and crew

  13. Sei, it sounds like #1 will have you all well-prepared for the snow! Enjoy the sun when you can!

  14. Can you imagine that we had some sun here in southwest of Sweden too yesterday :)
    It was pawsome to lay and sleep in a sunpuddle !
    I don´t think we will get any snow here , but you never know.
    HAve a pawsome Sei-tur day !

  15. Glad you at least got a bit of sunshines!

  16. The weather forecast said it would be cloudy, but we had sun today :-) Glad you had some, too!
    I love the last photo. It's the best to wake up with kitty in the morning :-)

  17. We are all for staying in and snuggling.

  18. Sei-Chan, we love that last picture of you looking so snuggly!

  19. Sei! Yous has furry kissable toes! And yous looks totally cute! Snow! Me is furry tied of it. Me can't waits for winter to bes over this year.

  20. Oh Sei-chan, you look so comfortable in that last picture, I think it is my favorite too.

    We had sunshine most of the day but the temperatures only made it up to 13 degrees.

    Curled up in a blanket sounds pretty good to me.


  21. Looks like you had a great SEIturday!
    Purrs to a great SEInday too ;-)

  22. We had a quiet Caturday ourselves, lots of napping, including Teri, hahameow! It was supposed to be a warm and sunny weekend and Teri said we might go strollering but it turned out wet and foggy...

  23. Lovely photos, Sei-chan! We understand the need for warm snuggles. It is colder in Our area of California than in Alaska!

    9, Chani and Sheamus Popoki


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