Saturday, 5 January 2013

SEIturday Sans #1...

Sei-Chan: Do I look a tad crabilated in this photo?

Well, I have a reason!

#1 has abandoned us for the day! She has gone to a family lunch in Versailles and won't be back until the evening. And Tommy is spending the day with his girlfriend Damia, across the lane. Well, I suppose it's OK for #1 to see her cousins occasionally, but you know how much I hate it when she is gone. I want her HOME!

I may just spend all day looking out of the window...

And maybe the Beebs will join me...

But I shall need to get some rest too...

So I shall look stunning for #1 when she gets home!

Happy SEIturday everyone! Keep your loved ones close to you!


  1. Sorry, Sei-Chan... She had me at Versailles. srsly.

    But do try to have a lovely day despite #1's absence. srsly.

  2. Hey, woo look like ME sleeping!

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Tommy - have fun! I bet Fernant will be SO jealous!

  3. Versailles is a place that my mom-person too would like to visit.
    Have a purrfect Sei-tur day :)

  4. Cheer up, Sei Chan - fortunately it is only for the day!

  5. Have a good long nap Sei-Chan and #1 will be home before you know it.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. You look stunning already! Hope #1 has a lovely (and safe) trip. Happy Caturday!

  7. Honestly, when my human is gone for the day, I am a little relieved - that's the only time I am sure I can get some peace! If we were to magically trade humans for a day, you would see what I mean!

  8. Oh my darling! I will be RIGHT over for a nice smooch and needn't be lonely for a minute!

    Although you ARE cute when you're crabilated...

    XX Maui the Disheveled

  9. Oh we hope #1 surprises you by coming home earlier than planned!

  10. We're sorry to hear you're being left alone, but it's nice to see so many photos of you.

  11. Oh you are just so absolutely beautiful, you darling you. ALL of you are. #1 will be back soon and you can all go to bed together and get warm and nap. xox

  12. Ah Well! At least she will be home today --- and not next week!

  13. We like mum staying home with us. She does it all the time now but tells us not to get used to it.

  14. You do look perhaps just the tiniest bit crabby, Sei-Chan, but I can totally understand why. It is bad enough to be left without #1, but then Tommy gets to go have a special date too. That is just not fair!


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