Thursday, 15 November 2012

Thankful Thursday

Bibi-Chan: We are grateful today for a lovely award given us by Andrea and The Celestial Kitties:

This award is apparently aimed at multi-pet households, be they single or multi-species. We would like to share it with The Amigos at Cat Tales, the kitties and woofies of WeezDaBadCats, and Nellie, Kozmo and their woofies over at Cat From Hell

We are also thankful that Tommy is feeling better although he again had a bit of a fever this morning, and refused his breakfast. He is back on Rimadyl and we are crossing paws he will eat at lunchtime. #1 will go as planned to Christmas shop for us in England and return immediately if need be.

#1 tells us she may not have much Internet access when she is away. She leaves first thing on Friday morning and is going to try to prepare some short posts ahead of time, but no promises at this stage. She says, by the way, that she is not thankful for my constant walking all over her keyboard, plus using the laptop as a springboard, making it fall on the floor at least once... Oops...

Anyway, here is a photo of me. Always something to be thankful for, right?!


  1. ConCATulations to the cute award !
    Me and mom have read the earlier posts too and we are glad that Tommy seems to get better and will keep paws and fingers crossed that he not will get any setbacks <3
    My mom want´s to go Christmas shopping in England too , so she envies your #1 :)

  2. We are very thankful for that photo Bibi - you look very man about town all suave and sophisicated.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Oh, poor Tommy! Please feel better, sweetie pie!

  4. Great award and even grater photo!

  5. those are good things to be thankful for....we hope Tommy is feeling better and eats lunch

    oh - and Bourbon thinks that the laptop is a wonderful place to take a stroll!

  6. I will be really thankful when I hear that Tommy is 100% back to normal!

  7. Concats on the award. Tommy sweet woofie please stay well wjile mum is away and then she wont worry as much.. HUgs GJ xx

  8. Congratulations! I think this award is especially cute :)

    And Tommy, I hope you keep getting better! You know you have to eat and rest so you can have strength to kill all those nasty bugs that are making you feel bad. I am thinking of you every day and sending you all of best prayers.

  9. Nice BiBi photo. Hope Tommy is feeling better and eating.

  10. Yes Bibi, it is always great to see you :) We send BIG purrs to Tommy and hope he feels better soon. We know you kitties will take care of him while #1 is away :)
    That is a mighty cute award too and you certainly deserve it,being quite multi-species ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  11. Hey Bibi,
    You do look good and we are glad to hear Tommy is feeling a little better.

    Allred wanted me to tell you kitties how much he appreciates your support.


  12. A photo of a handsome mancat is certainly something to be thankful for.
    We are praying and purring for our darling Tommy. It is so upsetting to think he is unwell. We know that he will be wonderfully cared for when #1 is away, but nothing beats having your mum at your side when you're sick.
    Again, hug and kiss him for us and tell him he is one very loved dog.

  13. We hope you eat more Tommy. A little at a time is okie but you have to eat to kill the bugs. Bibi, you are looking like Da King of Kittehs :)

    The amigos and san

  14. Tommy, you keep on nomming!! We'll both keep on purring.

    Mister Bibi, you are lookin' mighty handsome!

  15. Bibi, if me was younger, me would chase yous! And me is just so happy that Tommy is doing better! Me thinks yous guys will have some extra special presents from #1 this years!
    And Wowwie! Zowwie! A Award for mes! me is just too excited! me is so very happy yous guys passed it to me!

  16. We are so sorry to hear Tommy has not been well -we hope he is soon feeling all well and on top form. Sending lots of positive airezen for him.
    We love your piggie award!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  17. Oh! I cant believe I missed this! Congratulations, we're thankful Tommy is better too!

  18. First...concats on the pawsome award!!
    Second, Bibi-Chan, way ta go with the keyboard walking - we always say doing stuff like that keeps humans on their toes. We're helpintg them exercise their fast-twitch muscles as they hafta reach out and swat us away between keystrokes. Or something like that.


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