Sunday, 18 November 2012

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: OK, so #1 has abandoned us but that does not mean that we haven't been snuggling, and we took full advantage of her whilst she was still around last week.

Of course, as Tommy wasn't well, we spent even more time than usual snuggling with him! But we all did pretty well, actually, so here is what we have for you:

Me and Tommy...

Sei-Chan and Tommy

Genji and Tommy

The Beebs with #1

Genji with #1

Sei-Chan with #1

Vidock getting a #1 snuggle:

And Violette:

Wishing you all a Very Snuggly Sunday!


  1. Hold onto those snuggles with #1 until she gets back, and make sure you look after Tommy. Our paws are crossed that he is feeling much better.

  2. Snuggling is good! She will be back before you know it!


  3. Looks like a lot of snuggling going on at that house. Nothing better than a nice easy Sunday.

  4. Just imagine all the snuggles woo will get when #1 returns -

    Of khourse, Tommy will get the most!


  5. Hi! I just hopped over from Nellie, Cat From Hell, and would like to follow you. Can you please add a follow by email button because I only follow by email, not Google reader. Thank you so much. Love your fur family!

  6. Sending cyber snuggles to Tommy, too! We've all got to get our boy well again!

  7. Hi there !
    Lovely snuggle pictures as always <3
    Sending xtra (((purrs))) to Tommy

  8. We are glad that Tommy is getting extra snuggles. Do you think he would like me to come snuggle with him too? I would!

  9. Ah, my snuggle tank is full now!

  10. You kitties are doing a great job of taking care of Tommy! I hope your efforts are helping him lots!

  11. Snuggle-palooza!

    Tommy has the sweetest dog-face ever.

  12. #1 is sure to hurry back home for more fabulous snuggles!

  13. That abandoning stuff needs to stop
    Benny & Lily

  14. Hi again! Thank you for the email button, I am now following you! Pawns, Savannah

  15. Even when he isn't feeling 100%, Tommy is still a great snuggler. Hope he is doing well now and the rest of you are just fine too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. Um, we think we MIGHT have been clicking on the comment BELOW th epost instead of the one up TOP. So if our comments make NO sense it's prolly because we're one off on the list. OOOPS.

    We absolutely HATE it when the mom human leaves us. Travel is not an excused absence in our books - unless it's to go down the street for noms and treats. We'd get our funk on too, Sei-Chan, if we were in your paws.

    So glad to hear Tommy ate!!

  17. um, oh NO!. Now we see we've been doing it right all along - except for THIS one which goes with yesterday's post. *Paw-slap* We give up for the night! MOL!

  18. We like seeing you all snuggle with #1, but we love seeing you all snuggle with each other!!

  19. We here enjoy all the snuggle pics. Our mom is trying to get us to snuggle but we think it will be a long way away.

    the amigos


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