Monday, 26 November 2012

Manly Monday

Tommy: I must say that the past week has been full of adventure! Tuesday and Wednesday, I got to go for long car rides to rescue #1 after her tire blow-out, and then to get our Big Cat back. Ms. A was most impressed by how good and quiet I am in the car. #1 said it was only natural as I am her perfect boy!

As you already know, we spent Friday and Saturday with English friends who were looking for Percherons. I was there to give my learned opinion...

But I have to confess that there was also some fun to be had on Friday!

The woofies there were very welcoming!

And now that #1 is back, I am there for her when gets up every morning, with her slipper:

We have more adventures coming up as we're going up to spend a few days with my family at the end of the week, but please don't tell The Chans yet. They will not be happy! Oh, and we are going to Dr. C's today so I can get my boosters. We had to cancel twice before, so let's hope it will be third time lucky today!

Bibi-Chan: And we of course were abandoned day after day after day... Well at least she has been here at nights and I could sleep next to her under the covers.

I have many important jobs around the house and taste-testing for Tommy is a vital one. Someone has to make sure there is no poisonous substance in there right?

In fact, Genji and I have to supervise the preparation of meals in general.

We were also doing some extra supervising because we heard some odd noises:

Yes, #1, I am an extremely good boy!

Genji: I think this portrait that #1 took of me a few days is very romantic. Please note the golden kitty in the background!

And how about this "Sunpuddle With String" opus?

#1 says I am quite the photogenic boy!

Vidock: Well, the potential for interesting photography in one not very large stall is pretty limited, but here I am, looking quite debonair, I think:

Here I am again, this time with Big Tom. #1 keeps wondering if one day, my head will be as large as his!

Let me come over and give you a kiss, #1!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Exciting times at your place Tommy!!!
    We think you and the kitties and horses are all wonderful and you all do your jobs purrfectly :)
    Good luck with your booster Tommy.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  2. We will keep paws crossed you can get all your shots, Tommy!


  3. We hope you get your shots today Tommy and then you can forget about them. Is there any food left in your dish for you Tommy when Genji and Bibi have tried the taste test on it??
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. good luck Tommy.....we hope your adventures get a little less exciting!!

  5. Sounds like a good week Tommy. We are glad #1 is back
    Benny & Lily

  6. That Genji sure is photogenic. Tommy sure had a fun week with all his adventures. Here's hoping this week is a bit calmer.

    Millie & Cindy

  7. Genji looks like the enchanted boy! He is gorgeous but then, so is everyone else. Vidock, any kisses to spare?

  8. Genii does have a magical quality about him. In the first photo in his section, he looks like he could easily be a painting of a pampered pet at the court of Versailles .
    Tommy is the most wonderful dog. Not only beautiful but so sweet, gentle and well mannered. And Beebs is not only a very good boy but a very good looking boy as well.
    Note to Vidock: such a magnificent boy! We know nothing about Percherons, but do you want your head to get bigger? Is that's good thing?
    Love to the girls.

  9. It is sort of pointless to supervise in the kitchen around here, since my human's version of cooking is often just throwing something in the microwave!

    I love the photo of Genji with the golden kitty! Around here, the only golden kitty is... ME! :)

  10. LOVE these photos and can't get enough of them! Purrs...

  11. Mommy went all weak at Tommy with the slipper! Seems her dog Buddy did the same thing.

  12. Wow, you sure have had some cool adventures. That one pup looks like my brother Bokeh but red, how cute. :)

  13. Lots of manliness at your place. Doesn't #1 know enough to stay home!

  14. Tommy, I don't know how you resist the temptation to chew on that slipper. You are indeed very well behaved.

    Genjii is very photogenic, for sure.

  15. We have to echo Mr. Black's words. That slipper would never be safe with a couple of us (the younger generation). You really ARE the perfect boy. and we think you have a great time ahead of you with your family.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. We enjoyed all the testosterone today! Its lacking at our house. Such handsome mancritters you have!

  17. I think you would even look debonair in a shoe box, Viddock :)

  18. Woofies SOOOOO rokhk Tommy!


  19. That's a-meowzing that you fetch slippers...for realz! How did the booster shot go?

    Poor Chans...abandoned again?!?! We see you're not shirking your duties though - taste testing is VERY impawtant! Yes indeeed. We volutneer to help.


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