Monday, 12 November 2012

Manly Monday

Genji: Hi everyone. It's Genji! I have been really busy because I have been looking after my big brother Tommy. It is very important to keep a close eye on one's brother if he's not feeling A-OK.

He know he can always lean on me...

I have also been doing some high beam exercises:

This gives you a better idea of where I was at:

Tommy: I've got to give it to him, Genji is a really good buddy and he's been right by my side, keeping me company, except when #1 and I have gone outside. Here I am yesterday:

It was another grey and misty morning but I was ready to play...

But #1 would have none of it... Sigh...

She says I have to wait until at least tomorrow.

Bibi-Chan: I have been   finding out all about FaceBook. Fascinating!

But I think that napping on my lovely blue blankie is even more fascinating!

Of course I know that my fan base always enjoys Sunny Bibi pics, so here is a nice one for you!

Vidock: We got a bit of sun yesterday afternoon, so when #1 came to see us yesterday afternoon, Big Tom and I were outside, looking to savour every blade of grass we could find!

The paddock we were in was a little hard for #1 to access so the photos are not as good as she would have liked them to be:

Since this is the first day of the week, I also thought I should tell you that #1 is abandoning us again... She will be leaving on Friday morning to go to England to visit her brand-new great-niece who was born in late October. She says she is also going to be Christmas shopping for all of us, so I suppose we can let her go this time. She'll be back the following Tuesday evening. In the interim, Ms. A will be coming from Normandy to look after everyone at Poupounette Central, and she may be bringing one or two of the girls with her!


  1. You had me at Christmas shopping. :)

    Have a lovely day, every-Chan!

  2. Christmas shopping in England? Oh my gosh - I think that would be my dream vacation!


  3. It looks as though you had a lovely day yesterday - we did too although it was very cold. We hope Tommy will be able to chase his ball and run round the fields again too. We love your sunshine filled pictures Bibi.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Tommy we are so glad that you are feeling better. It seems you have some mighty good kitty friends looking after you. They make great helpers.The last picture of the horses is great. They look so happy. Hope #1 has a great trip. Take care.

  5. Tommy - we are glad Genji is keeping you company! We are sorry #1 is leaving AGAIN - but maybe she will come back with something that can be opened before Christmas. :)

  6. Tommy, you take care. And Genji, do not shirk you vast responsibility by climbing off!

  7. Good to see you moving around, Tommy. We guess it's ok for #1 to go off as long as she's shopping for you too! Have a great day, furriens. XOXO

  8. I am glad that Genji is being such a good brother, Tommy and that now you are moving around again! Yeah!

  9. Paws up for Christmas shopping! That is a good reason for your human to leave you all for a few days.

  10. Good job Genji. I'll bet your warmth feels very nice to Tommy.
    Tommy is looking good in those photos.

    Wow, that perch is way up high!

  11. We hope you feel better soon Tommy! And Genji you are a good clinber as are Malou and Levon!. Maybe too good :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  12. You are a very good boy Genji to look after your brother!

    Tommy, I hope you are all better very soon! Feeling sick is no fun at all :(

  13. Ah, our day is complete--our Manly fix is here! Tommy, we hope you are tip-top tomorrow and #1 plays! No play is so sad.

  14. We bet your buddy is waiting right by the door or on the ceiling beam until you get back Tommy
    Benny & Lily

  15. *sigh* Tommy why is it that humans tell us silly things like "wait until tomorrow"?

    So glad you're feeling up to a romp though. Keep well-i-fy-ing yourself, 'k?

  16. What a great collection of photos!

    We hope you are fully fit tomorrow Tommy!

    Hope #1 has a lovely trip to the UK and gets you all lots of Christmas pressies!

    take care
    Clive & Murray

  17. I sure hope that Tommy is feeling way better. We'll keep on purring.

  18. So sorry you are not feeling well, Tommy. But you have such a great brother! Gen-Chan, you are doing wonderful taking care of Tommy :-)
    Bibi-Chan, we do love your Sunny pic! Have a great week, everyone!

  19. Glad to hear Tommy is feeling better and being well looked after by his kitty brothers. Hey Tommy maybe your mom can find you some antlers when she is visiting England.


  20. Christmouse shopping? Mum hasn't started. But then she doesn't need to buy much.

  21. Thanks you for the nice words on my Gotcha Day!

    I only read right now that Tommy isn't feeling okay so I'll start the rumbly purrs now. It's better late than never with purrs! I bet #1 gets you extra cool stuff from England as always. What a pleasure to visit a new family member.
    Many purrs,


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