Wednesday, 21 November 2012

#1's Big Adventure

Tom: Hello everyone, Tommy here. #1 has returned to us but boy did she have a journey! She left the house in England bright and early but when she got to the Eurotunnel terminal at Folkestone, she found out there were delays averaging an hour. So, she waited, and eventually got across to France.  She was driving happily along, heading home to us, when, about two hours out from home, she was crowded by a huge truck coming to a roundabout and had to swerve towards the concrete dividers. End result was both left-hand side tires exploded! She managed to get the car around the roundabout and stopped on the side of the road.

She immediately phoned Ms. A, who had been about to head home herself, and asked her to stay put until she knew more, and then called the Automobile Association. They promised that someone would come and tow her within 45 minutes. Once she knew what garage they were going to, she called Ms. A back and asked her if she would drive out to meet her there so she could unload the car and get home! Ms. A was the real hero of the day, driving a couple of hours in the dark, on unknown roads. I went with her to lend her a paw, and we eventually made it to the garage just before it closed! #1 was SO happy to see us!

Four new tires have been ordered for the Big Cat and Ms. A is driving #1 back up there, on her way home, this afternoon to collect the car. We hope that will be the end of that!

So, with a huge thanks to Ms. A, here is a photo of one of the dead tires:


  1. Wow - what an adventure! I hope insurance will take care of the tires. Well done, Tommy, for providing moral support in the crisis.

  2. So glad tires were the only damaged parts. Can't be too careful on the roads today.

  3. WOW!! We are glad #1 is OK !!!
    The drivers in France are no different than those in Canada ( or anywhere) Silly trucker ;)
    Bet it's good to have #1 back home!!
    Cheers to Ms A !
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  4. Poor #1 - what an adventure!

    Very glad that only the tyres were damaged though!

    Glad you were there to offer support Tommy!

    take care
    Clive & Murray

  5. Nasty truck driver! They can be such menaces. We are so glad #1 is OK and that Ms A was such a trooper.

  6. I bet there were some HBO words muttered!

    We are so thankful #1 was able to negotiate this challenging day so furry well -

    Of khourse, seeing woo arrive to help was the best sight she khould ask to see!


  7. Oh, that's very askeery! Thank goodness #1 reached to safety!

  8. Oh yikes! Thank goodness for good friends like Ms A!


  9. Some lorry drivers are real menaces on the roads - they just pull in and out without a care about where car drivers can go. Thank goodness only a couple of new tyres was the outsome it could have been so much worse.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Thank goodness it all ended well! (and for friends that help out) Our Mommy loathes and despises traffic during this time of the year. We hope the remainder of your week is smooth sailing!

  11. Thank God you are safe, #1!
    With the failed economy, more and more inexperienced drivers are behind the wheels of these trucks/lorries. Four fatalities involving one in our area this morning alone.
    Your #1's cool head in handling her auto probably prevented additional crisis. Lots of kitty and pup snuggling is needed today, friends.

  12. Glad to hear #1 is home safe and sound now. What a scary adventure she had. Thanks to Ms. A for being the hero and returning her to your home.

    Cindy & Millie

  13. 3 cheers to Ms A to help out. We are gald #1 is back safe and sound.

    the amigos and san

  14. It sounds like it was quite an adventure! And not necessarily in a good way.

  15. Wow, THAT was an adventure I hope won't be repeated! I am so relieved to hear #1 is safe and the only casualties of this accident were the tires.

  16. Holy crap!! We are so glad she is okay. How terrifying
    Benny & Lily

  17. Award for the Best Comment on Poupounette this year goes to Tillie and Georgia for:


    They don't get better than that!!!

    Woof Woof!

  18. Mommy told me to cover my ears and she made the swearing sounds! Those guys in tricks! We is happy that #1 is a-OK. It coould have been terrible.

  19. OMC !
    Glad to hear that it was "only" ther tires that got ruined !

  20. What an adventure! Sure am glad to hear everyone is okay! Purrs...

  21. SO glad #1 is ok. Frightening... Thank goodness for a strong strong car. Hope you all snuggle down and stay put for a bit. :-)

    Hugs and purrs,

    Lizzie & 3 kitties

  22. Holy cow! That must have been very scary! We are happy #1 was not hurt and that Ms.A was able to come and collect #1 (with the help of Tommy of course!).
    We think this means you need to stay home and RELAX for a while! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  23. Stupid trucker - just think how much worse this could have been. #1, you did a great job controlling your car. We are so glad you are OK.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  24. That's quite something! We are very glad that #1 has such wonderful friends she can depend on in times of trouble. Hooray to Ms A!


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