Sunday, 29 July 2012

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: After a very emotional week, there was serious need for some snuggling at this end. At the same time, #1 was so focused on Tommy that she wasn't clicking away quite as assiduously as usual, so we do not have a full complement today. Anyway, let's see what we've got for you.

Here, for a start, is my Beebs with his buddy, Tommy:

And here is Bibi-Boy again, snuggling under #1's covers...

And hanging with #1 whilst watching TV:

Here is #1 and Velcro Genji:

And here I am, having a little snuggle with Tommy:

Here is Sei-Chan getting a morning cuddle from #1:

#1 with Violette:

And one with Urey:

Our last shot is not a SoS shot but we thought you might like to see one of Tommy with his hurty paw actually on the ground!


  1. Oh, that last shot is a very welcome sight! Keep improving, Tommy!

    Happy SoS to everyone at PC!

  2. We always like the snuggle pictures. The one with you under Tommy's chin is particularly good. Snuggling is such a good way to reduce stress! Snuggle on!

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  3. Oh dear! I just got caught up on poor Tommy's hurty paw I'm glad to see he seems to be feeling better. Lots of snuggling is good for whatever ails you!

  4. You all ought to get a gold medal for the snuggling event.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. What a great snuggle report. Glad to hear Tommy is putting his foot down already.


  6. Tommy is lucky to have such a fine complement of nurses to snuggle him back to fitness. This must have been a very stressful week for you number 1, good thoughts coming to you from Maine!

  7. Go Tommy Go!!!

    We hope the hurty paw is gone gone gone!!!


  8. Hurrah for Tommy! It's good to see him up and on his foot. Did the doctor find what she expected when the surgery was done? (Sorry to be intrusive.)
    Little Genji certainly adores hid #1. The expression on his sweet face and those little paws holding on tightly: don't we all want to be loved like that?
    How is Violette feeling. In our prayers and purrs...

  9. It looks like there is some progress for Tommy - yay! My human wishes I was more like Genji... good luck on that.

  10. It is a good day for snuggles. Your blog comment was the first way I found out I had gotten a medal for the high jump. What a surprise and I am so thrilled!


  11. Tama, does #1 taste like chicken?

    Wonderful snuggles, and HURRAH for Tommy!

  12. Good cuddles all around!
    Glad Tommy is doing well -- Poor guy & poor #1. All very stressful. Hope Violette is feeling better too!
    Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words -- I'm sure it means a lot to my mom, too.
    Also looking forward to seeing the equestrian events!

  13. Cute. Hope Violette and Tommy are healing
    Benny & Lily

  14. It is great to see all of you with your mommee. Isn't she the best? Alla you boys are so cool helping Tommy get beck in shape after his hurty paw.

    bonks to alla you

  15. We love seeing all of you snuggling!

  16. Cuddles and snuggles are the BEST!!!



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