Sunday, 13 May 2012

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: It's a beautiful sunny day  again here although it is a little windy and quite cool. But we'll take what we can get, as long as it's not rain!

We are all exhausted from the non-stop partying in honor of Violette and Vidock. Tommy actually went over to sing Happy Birthday to The Big V yesterday:

And, needless to say, #1 had a snuggle with him!

It's been a pretty good week for snuggles at Poupounette Central. Here I am, having a big snuggle with Tommy:

And with #1:

And here is Sei-Chan with her Tommy:

And with #1

Here is Genji hanging with Tommy:

And The Beebs snuggling with his sky hammock!

 We hope you will all have a snuggly Sunday!

PS From #1: Our long-time blogging friends will doubtless remember our wonderful Sphynx friends, Dragonheart and Merlin. They used to blog every day and were the first to ever leave a comment on our blog! We really loved following their adventures until, one day in November 2008, they simply vanished from the Blogosphere. Some time later, someone heard that they were OK but having computer troubles. Those must have been pretty major troubles as they never blogged again. Anyway, quite by chance, I came upon a post by their Mom dating from about a year ago, and thought some of you might be interested to read it. It can be found at

This brings me to an open request to all fellow bloggers: If for whatever reason, you decide to stop blogging, PLEASE take the time to let us all know. We may be people you have never met in person, but you are part of our lives and we hate it when you vanish without a trace.


  1. Lovely snuggles!

    WOW! Was that really 2008 when they just up and quit? Hard to believe! Yes, just disappearing is quite worrisome. Makes you think something dreadful happened as they couldn't take the time for one more post to say at least say goodbye. I'm glad to know that at least as of a year ago they were all well. And I'm surprised to find out they have the same last name as my maiden name. I don't think I knew that before!

    Happy Mother's Day from me and alla the Gs!

  2. Happy Mother's Day! And happy belated birthday to Vidock and Violette!

    I agree with you totally! It only takes a moment to just say "we have decided to stop blogging" instead of leaving a big, worrisome mystery.

  3. What a super snuggling Sunday you guys are having, and on Mother's Day too :)

    the amigos

  4. Mum remembers Drahgonheart and Merlin - we were not even born then. They blogged everyday and then suddenly nothing and Mum wondered if it was something to do with their Dad being in the US army or airforce or whatever (she can't remember) at the time. We are going to have a look at the site you have posted.
    What wonderful snuggles today and we are sure no-one was left unsnuggled!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. I too hate it when a kitty blogger I am following sort of falls off the face of the earth without warning and is never heard from again. And it happens more often than one would think.

  6. Thanks for the link to Dragonheart and Merlin's human's post on the litter robot site. We did miss them when they fell off the face of the earth. It is too bad that she never came back to say--hey we moved back to Canada or whatever and we were too busy to blog. Doubt I'll be back but we are alive and well! They were some of our very good friends too.

    And happy snuggling!

  7. Wishing you a Very Happy USA Mother's Day from all of us at the Katnip Lounge! Or in your case, a #1's Day, hee hee.
    Lovely snuggles this week--Mommy got some of us this week she needs to post.
    We wondered about Dragonheart and Merlin too; we're off to read the link.

  8. We did not know those blogging friends but you are right, it does become worrisome when we don't know what has happened. Maybe they had their reasons but who knows.

    Great snuggly Sunday pics as usual. We just got back from some nice long walks with the Momster. We wanted to be sure she got to enjoy her special day. Even if it an American special day today we still want to wish #1 a Happy Mother's Day too!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Love all the snuggling photos and agree very much with #1 about bloggers who just stop! We had several friends we followed from the very beginning of our blogging journey and then suddenly they just disappeared! You do wonder about them and if they are okay!

    take care
    Clive & Murray

  10. What great snuggly shots!
    Me loves them. Mes worries about friends when they stop blogging

  11. Oh my goodness Beebs. You are adorable in your hammock
    Benny & Lily

  12. We always enjoy your snuggle post!!


  13. Yeah, we remember Merlin and Dragonheart. We are happy to at least hear a few words.

    We agree, just don't drop out! Short of a major catastrophe that makes it unable to communicates.


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