Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Neigh-Back (Way-Back) Wednesday

Hello everyone. #1 here. I am taking over the blog to tell you a little story which I hope you will like.

When I came to live in this part of the world almost 10 years ago, I knew nothing about Percheron horses. My introduction to them came via a neighbor who had an elderly cousin who had always bred a few. I started going to the farm and became friendly with his youngest horse, a lovely filly called Nymphe. A couple of years later, Nymphe had her first foal, a sweet little filly called Reinette. I first met Reinette when she was about an hour old and we became fast friends. Here she is at one day old:

We hung out together a lot and had lots of fun times:

Reinette grew into a beautiful girl and I was thrilled to be involved with her first show when she was a year old!

But life is not always as one would want it to be. The farmer's wife doesn't like horses and hated the fact that I was "encouraging" her husband with pursuing his passion. She became so unpleasant that I stopped going to the farm altogether when Reinette was  about two years old.

I always missed sweet Reinette and was very saddened to learn last year that her Mama, Nymphe, had died of an infection. 

Fast forward to today and guess who has come to Vidock and Violette's farm to "enjoy" the services of super-stud Orgueil? Reinette!

Reinette has just turned seven and, like many Percherons, she is turning from black to dappled grey (and will eventually go white).

She is as sweet as she ever was, one of the gentlest horse souls I have ever met. I have really been enjoying spending time with her and grooming her (her mane was badly matted when she arrived).

It is such a joy to spend time with her again, even for a short while. And when she has her foal, he or she will be a half brother to Vidock!


  1. What a lovely history (I was tempted to use 'histoire' here... Teehee). So glad that you are able to visit with Reinette!

  2. I loved your story! Too bad your time with her is so brief.

  3. How marvelous that you and Reinette have found each other again! Life is funny that way.

  4. Great story !! We are happy that you are reunited with Reinette. She has become a beautiful horse :) We bet you two are already fast friends too !!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  5. How wonderful to be reunited with Reinette...did she remember you straight away?

  6. We could see from the pictures how much you are enjoying having Reinette around - what a shame her mane was so matted when she arrived. Enjoy your precious time with her.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. What a wonderful story! How great you got reunited to sweet Reinette! I hope you enjoy time together!!

  8. Oh what a wonderful story! She is a beauty!

  9. That is such a great story - we are so glad you got to meet up with Reinette again.

    take care
    Clive & Murray

  10. Sounds like a great reunion! How cool that V will have a 1/2 brother or sister. :)

  11. Oh, that IS a wonderful story, #1. We bet Reinette even remembers those early days spent with you. It will be exciting to see her foal. Now you will have to tell us more about that whole process and how long it takes for the foal to be born.

    Woos- Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. We are happy that you have met up with sweet Reinette again and will be able to spend some time with her :)
    Also, although the farmer's wife doesn't like horses, it is nice to know that he was able to keep sweet Reinette. She is truly a beautiful horse!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  13. Does Reinette have a new owner now? What has her life been like since you last were in each others company? Other than her mane, has she been loved and well cared for? Did she sense something familiar and comforting on your presence?
    Orgueil has quite a family!
    Live to all.

  14. Wah (as we say here in Singapore) , what a nice story to read in the morning. It must be nice to see her after all this time.

  15. What a great story! We're so glad you are getting to spend time with Reinette again!

  16. Love this story. She is beautiful
    Benny & Lily

  17. That's so great! Horses never forget a member of their herd, so I'm sure you two had a great reunion. Looking forward to meeting your two beauties this summer.

    Your pals,

    Jane and Petey

  18. This is a marvellous story of a special relationship! It is wonderful you got to meet her again.

  19. What a fabulous serendipitous event! It is just so wonderful when the circles in our lives come around again and let us renew old acquaintances. Me finds that happens to me lots!

  20. Oh what a lovely story. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    She has turned into a beautiful lady. How wonderful you got to spend time with her.
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  21. Awww! She's beautiful! I'm so happy you get to spend time with her again. I bet you missed her a lot. I hope we get to see pictures when she has her foal. :D


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